Help and Advice

It can be difficult to get the right kind of advice when you are looking for a personal alarm for you or your loved one. Sometimes it can seem like you end up with more questions than answers. To make life a little easier, we've put together some great articles that offer you support.

We've included practical information which can help if you're concerned about a loved one's stability and you are worried that they will have a fall. We have also looked at how a personal alarm might help manage a health condition such as epilepsy or diabetes, or even severe allergy. This section is full of useful information if you are thinking about purchasing an alarm for yourself.

We have also taken the time to look at issues such as dealing with loneliness and making changes around the home to help someone live independently. A good personal alarm should make you feel safe in your own home and knowing you can contact someone day or night will give you or your loved one reassurance. As well as all of this, we've also put together practical guides on saving money and how to budget and we've included useful tips and craft ideas.

All of these articles offer useful tips and advice for not only you but anyone who finds themselves caring for an elderly relative or looking after the wellbeing of another person. This could be a family member, a friend or a carer. We understand that it is not just a matter of making sure a person gets their medication and that there are so many more things to remember and consider and we're here to help.

Help and Advice

Gadgets That Help the Elderly Live Independently

We give a short overview of a number of technologies that are available to help an older person stay living alone.

Home Safety Checklist: Creating an Age-Friendly Environment for Easy Movement and Independence

Discover ten major points to check off to help elderly people maintain their independence as they remain in their own homes.

Are Stairlifts the Best Option for the Elderly?

Stairlifts can be costly – but they can also make a big difference for seniors who struggle with stairs. We explore pricing & whether stairlifts are worth it.

Getting Vehicles for Disabled Seniors Through Motability

Did you know that Motability could help you get a powered wheelchair, a scooter or a vehicle? We explain how and who’s eligible.

Where to Get a Wheelchair – Borrow, Buy & Hire

Wheelchairs can make a huge difference for an older person’s sense of freedom and safety. We list ways to borrow, buy and hire wheelchairs.

Choosing a Watch for the Visually Impaired

What types of speaking watch for the blind are available, and what are the benefits of each type? We explore all the details.

All About Hoists and Bed Transfer Devices for the Elderly

Hoists and bed transfer devices can make the process of getting in and out of bed easier and safer for seniors and their carers. We dive into all the details.

What’s the Best Mobile Phone for Elderly People?

Older people may have different needs when it comes to mobile phones. We discuss the best phones and devices to help seniors keep in touch with loved ones.

How to Claim Attendance Allowance

Who is eligible for this benefit, and how can you claim it? We dive into the ins and outs of Attendance Allowance.

Adapting Bathrooms for the Elderly: Wet Rooms, Walk-ins & More

How can you ensure a bathroom for the elderly is as safe and easy to use as possible? We describe steps ranging from simple changes to full remodels.

Pros and Cons of Recliner Chairs for Elderly People

Thinking of buying a riser chair or reclining chair for the elderly? We discuss types of reclining chairs and the pros and cons of using them.

Choosing the Best Home Alarm for Elderly People

We discuss some of the top elderly home alarm options and explore how home alarms can work together with other devices to keep older people safe.

Moving Elderly Parents into Your Home: UK Advice

Moving older parents into your home is a complicated decision. We discuss what factors to weigh up and what considerations to keep in mind.

How to Treat Bruising in the Elderly

Bruising in seniors is not uncommon – but what should you do about it? We explore steps you can take to address bruising and its causes.

Who to Notify After Someone Dies

The time after a loved one’s death is always very difficult. To help out, we list organisations you’ll need to contact with notifications about the death.

Putting Someone in a Care Home Against Their Will

What can you do if you’re worried for an older person’s safety in their home, but they refuse to move to a care home? We list some steps you can take.

5 Helpful Cameras to Monitor Elderly Loved Ones

How can you help your older loved one to avoid moving to a care home if they need a little more monitoring for safety? Cameras can help. Here are 5 options.

Christmas Gifts for Elderly Women & Men

Christmas is getting closer! Need tips on the perfect gifts for elderly women and men? Our 2023 guide to Christmas presents for elderly people has you covered

Causes of Bruising in the Elderly

Older people often bruise more easily. These bruises can be caused by serious conditions or just factors due to ageing. We explore the details.

Body Temperature in the Elderly: What’s Too High, Low & Just Right

Older people are more susceptible to heat and cold and often have a lower body temperature. We explore how to keep body temperature in a safe range.

Bed Bugs Infestation and the Elderly: 5 Key Things to Know

Bed bug infestations aren’t easy for anyone, but they can be particularly challenging for older people. We explain five reasons why.

Are Key Safes Safe for an Elderly Person’s Home?

Key safes ensure that help can enter an older person’s home as quickly as possible in an emergency. But are they safe? We dig a little deeper.

70% of Over 75s Negatively Impacted by the Cost-of-Living Crisis

A recent survey found that 70% of over-75s have been impacted by the cost-of-living crisis. What has the government done to help & what more could be done?

What Is the Ideal Room Temperature for an Elderly Person?

Low room temperatures can be dangerous for the elderly. We explore how warm rooms should be to stay safe & some dangers of cold temperatures.

Stress, Anxiety & Blood Pressure in the Elderly

Stress & anxiety can contribute to unhealthy high blood pressure in older people. Discover some steps you can take to reduce stress & blood pressure too.

Gifts for Elderly Men Who Have Everything

Searching for gifts for elderly men? We round up some of the best recommendations, including experience vouchers, safety alarms and hampers.

5 Symptoms of Arthritis in the Back

Have you got back pain that won’t go away? You might have back arthritis. Discover some of the most common symptoms and treatments.

6 Best Landline Phones for the Elderly

We’ve rounded up some of the best phones for the elderly with extra-large buttons, volume control and superior blocking functionality.

What Causes Tiredness in the Elderly?

Find out what causes excessive tiredness in the elderly, including medical conditions and lifestyle factors, along with how to treat and prevent it.

Care for the Elderly: What Help is Available?

Finding the right elderly care solution can be challenging. This guide outlines the main support available for the elderly.

Elderly Yoga: Benefits for Beginners and 4 Easy Poses to Try

Yoga has massive health benefits for older people, both mentally and physically. Find out what it can do for you and try 4 easy poses.

The Elderly and Sleep

While we all tend to get up more in the night as we age, maintaining good sleep patterns becomes more vital in our older years. Read our latest blog to find out more about the elderly and sleep.

Best Christmas Gifts for the elderly 2022

The festive season is rapidly approaching and now is often the time we turn our attentions to gift buying for those we care about.

Best Christmas Gifts for Older People

There are a number of gift ideas available which can specifically cater to the needs of older people. We explore some of the best Christmas gifts for older people.

Best Gifts for Grandmothers

Whether it’s finding the most brilliant birthday present, or seeking out the ideal stocking filler for Christmas, finding a gift for nan just got easier with our 10 top ideas for the best gifts for grandmothers.

20 Best Gifts for the Elderly: Things You've Never Thought Of

Shopping for your elderly loved ones can be difficult - a gift for a senior should be practical, but also meaningful. Here's a list of 20 gift ideas for your loved one that you might not have thought of.

Help for the Elderly Living at Home

Living at home alone in your later years can be a worrying prospect for you and your loved ones for many reasons. Discover how to adapt a home to make it safer and more comfortable for an elderly person.

How to deal with Anxiety and Vulnerabilities post -covid?

One of the things that we are hearing more nowadays is how common anxiety is, especially with the Covid 19 pandemic. There is no guarantee when this will become a ‘post-Covid world’, but with over 20 million people in the UK having been given the booster jab, we can start visualising how things will look in the future.

What is a Personal Alarm Response Centre and why is it so important?

We have many different types of alarms with the most popular being with a monthly subscription to a response centre providing 24/7 monitoring. Here, we give you information on what is a Response Centre and how having the option of extra support can benefit both the alarm wearer and family & friends.

A safe space for anxious shoppers

A third of people age sixty or over have reported feeling more anxious recently. With lockdown easing, some businesses are creating safe spaces to give people a place to go to if they are feeling anxious.

25th of July is the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

Earlier this year in January Pope Francis announced that July 25th would be World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, a time when the Catholic church will honour and celebrate grandparents and the elderly.
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