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Mobile alarms can be taken anywhere with you, unlike traditional alarms that will only work at home. With a mobile alarm you can be safe at home, in the garden, or ‘out and about’. This means you can have peace of mind walking the dog, visiting friends and going to the shops. GPS tracking in your elderly personal alarm means that we will know where to send help to when you press the SOS button.

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Best Gifts for Grandmothers

Article by Daniel Westhead Daniel Westhead Sure Safe Alarms
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Whether it’s finding the most brilliant birthday present, or seeking out the ideal stocking filler for Christmas, finding a gift for nan just got easier with our 10 top ideas for the best gifts for grandmothers.

Winter warmers

If you’re finding a Christmas gift for gran, starting with something snuggly can be a great idea. We all love to get comfy at home during those dark winter months, and there are a great range of snug throws, blankets and comfy cushions available at almost every price point.

Getting a little more creative, check out a weighted blanket. These therapeutic blankets have soared in popularity in recent years. They are thought to improve sleep quality, reduce stress and relieve the perception of pain, so can be ideal for nan if she suffers with conditions such as arthritis.

For something a little more fun, why not check out a Slanket. This blanket with sleeves is ideal for snuggling up on the sofa.

If your nan loves to get out and about, instead of looking towards home treats, why not get her a new scarf or gloves.

How about a hamper?

Hampers can make for an ideal present for nan and what’s more they can be as affordable or luxurious as you like. Feeling flush? Check out the Harrods ultimate Christmas Hamper – though at £5000, it’s not an everyday present.

At the other end of the scale, check out the Hug in a Box an ideal present for a gran who loves to relax, it includes aromatherapy candles and scents.

There are a huge number of hamper style presents available many of which cater to specific interests or tastes. From book hampers to gardening boxes, if your nan has a specific hobby, you’re sure to find a hamper to suit.

Alternatively, why not make your own hamper? Simply buy a hamper or gift box and fill it with your nan’s favourite treats.

Amazon Alexa

An Amazon Alexa can be an ideal present for an older person. Not only can it be used to play favourite music, radio or podcasts, but automating things at home such as lighting or plugs can make a lot easier if your grandma is a little less mobile than she used to be. If you want to really provide a treat, why not consider some appliances that are controlled through Alexa, such as a smart kettle.

Another great feature of the Alexa for older people is the reminder feature. This can be particularly helpful for any person who is in the early stages of dementia, as it can be used to remind them to take medications or attend appointments.

Also, the Alexa can be used for calling hands free too, which can be helpful if your nan has trouble using their smartphone due to vision or dexterity reasons.


Get gran a present that will last all year! Subscription presents exploded in popularity during the pandemic as we all looked for little ways to keep entertained at home.

Does your nan love to bake? How about a baking subscription from Baked In? Each month gran will receive a recipe box with almost all of the ingredients needed for a different cake or baked good with a recipe card. There are even online videos to watch along to.

There are a wide range of food and drink subscription boxes available for almost every cuisine and they can range from anything from sending a collection of cheeses each month to complex meal kits to create a feast.

Or if you’ve got a green-fingered Grandma, check out Bloombox Club, which offers a new plant sent monthly in a gorgeous pot or basket.

A smart watch

Smart watches continue to rise in popularity and can be a great gift for an older person. With features such as step counters and heart monitors, a smart watch can help an older person to stay healthy.

For even more peace of mind, the SureSafeGo Plus offers all of the benefits of a smart watch, but is combined with a personal alarm, which will allow the wearer to summon help should they need it. It even has automatic fall detection, so if they should have a trip or fall and be unable to summon help themselves, it will still alert nominated contacts. It has a stylish design and can make the perfect present which balances design with functionality.

A better bottle opener

If nan loves nothing better than relaxing with a glass of wine, a smart bottle opener can make all the difference.

As we grow older, it can be the case that the dexterity in our fingers is lost, and therefore traditional screw type bottle openers become a little trickier to use.

However, there are now a lovely selection of corkscrews which are far easier to use. From a level style corkscrew – where you simple press the handle down then up to electric corkscrews which take on all the hard work, they may both a stylish yet practical gift.

Kitchen gadgets for gran

If your grandmother loves nothing better than getting creative in the kitchen, then there’s always new gadget or gizmo that will likely be on the Christmas list.

Right now, both slow cookers and air fryers are very much in vogue as they offer both convenience (though in different ways) but also use far less energy than cooking in the oven. As gas and electric costs increase, these two gadgets are becoming even more attractive and can make a great gift.

For nans who may be suffering from arthritis, there are a wealth of kitchen gadgets and implements that can give them back freedom to cook without having to rely on others to open tins or chop ingredients. That could be a mandolin or multi-use veg chopper.

If your nan is well known for loving to get cooking in the kitchen, why not consider getting a personalised gift, such as an engraved chopping board, or an apron with pictures of the grandkids.

Days out and events

Give gran the gift of making memories with tickets or vouchers for a great day (or evening) out.

Does nan have a favourite restaurant? Why not check if they offer gift vouchers or a tasting menu offer? Is there a play or musical they’ve always wanted to see? Grab some tickets. If she loves a bit of pampering, why not treat her to a spa day?

Or if your grandmother loves to learn something new, there are a wonderful array of classes available such as cooking a certain cuisine or making luxury chocolates.

And the great thing about days out? You might get to go too!


A Kindle can make for a great present for a book loving grandma for a few reasons.

For most of us, eyesight declines with age, and therefore printed books can become harder to read. While some publishers will issue large print versions, they can be harder to get hold of. A Kindle solves this by giving the reader a range of font sizes to choose from. Additionally, Kindle’s with a backlight can also help those who struggle to see traditional print.

They are also a fabulous gift for readers who may find it a little harder to get out and about as you can purchase a kindle eBook and it will instantly be delivered to the Kindle. Generally, Kindle books are also cheaper than the printed versions too. If you choose an Amazon fire or Kindle Fire it can even be linked with BorrowBox, which is a free library service.

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