Automatic Fall Sensor for the Elderly

With automatic fall detection, you do not need to press the SOS button to get help. These alarms detect when someone falls and call for help when they might not be able to. This could include being unconscious after falling.

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Wearing a personal alarm means you can call for help if you need it. It enables you to keep your independence while living at home. It also gives your loved ones peace of mind that you are safe.

Automatic fall detection devices are personal alarms that have special sensors included that can detect a fall. This is without you needing to press the help button. This means you can get help even if you fall, are unconscious or are unable to push the button on your pendant or wristband.

The fall sensor on the alarm will trigger a call on your device automatically. Depending on the model of alarm it will either connect directly to a SureSafe operator, or to family and friends.

Automatic Fall Detection Devices

Fall Alert 640px

Fall Alert

Neck worn personal alarm that can detect a fall and call for help.
  • Home icon Helping People Stay in their Homes Longer
  • Shower proof icon Showerproof
  • Neckworn icon Discreet and Lightweight
from £124.95
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Fall Safe 640px


Wrist worn personal alarm that can detect a fall and get you or a loved one the help they need.
  • Home icon Helping People Stay in their Homes Longer
  • Shower proof icon Showerproof
  • Ringing Telephone Icon Uses Landline
from £124.95
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Sure Safe GO 640px


Mobile GPS tracker alarm. Be safe anywhere, either 24/7 Monitored or Family Monitored
  • At home or on the go Fully Mobile
  • Fall icon Automatic Fall Detection
  • Map GPS icon GPS Tracking
from £149.95
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The Automatic Fall Detection Device you Need

Minutes matter when an elderly person has a fall, and an immediate response is vital. Studies show that the quicker you get help following a fall, the more likely you are to make a full and speedy recover. Lying on the floor for a prolonged period of time after a fall can result in bruising, hypothermia from the cold, and in extreme cases it can lead to death.

When you wear a fall detection pendant or wristband, it’s because you want to get help quickly if you have an accident or you feel unwell.

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What the Personal Alarm With The Fast Response Does

When you choose a 24/7 monitored service, for the highest level of protection, when the fall sensor triggers your alarm, a call goes through to our Response Centre. The SureSafe operator will attempt to speak to you. If you don’t reply (possibly because you are unconscious,) the operator will arrange for help.

What do most people buy?

Sure Safe GO 640px


Mobile GPS tracker alarm. Be safe anywhere, either 24/7 Monitored or Family Monitored
  • At home or on the go Fully Mobile
  • Fall icon Automatic Fall Detection
  • Map GPS icon GPS Tracking
from £149.95
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Minutes Matter

Falls are a very common, but often overlooked, risk faced by older people on a daily basis. The NHS reports that one in three adults over 65, and 50% of people over 80, will have a fall each year. Age UK reports that falls are the most common cause of injury related death of people over the age of 75.

After a fall, minutes matter.

You only have to be immobile for between half an hour and an hour for muscle cells to start breaking down. You could also suffer from dehydration and hypothermia. In 80% of falls, fast action will mean a better chance of survival and a quicker return to independence.

Did you know that 90% of people who are hospitalised quickly after a heart attack do survive? If you have a stroke, then getting to a hospital quickly is even more vital. For every 15 minutes that passes after having a stroke, there’s a 4% increase in the likelihood of dying.

You don’t need to worry about this with a fall detector. Here you can feel confident to continue your daily life with peace of mind knowing that your SureSafe sensor will call for help, even when you cannot.

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How it works

This type of alarm can detect when a fall occurs. The change in air pressure, speed of movement of the pendant, and any impact when hitting the floor will trigger the alarm and an SOS call is made.

By wearing a 24/7 monitored personal alarm with fall detection, you have peace of mind. You know a SureSafe operator will be speaking to you in seconds, once the call is through to the Response Centre. If you fall and you don’t speak the operator will arrange for help without delay.

If you respond, you can tell the operator whether you need medical assistance, or you just need the reassurance of your nominated contact.

The alarm detecting a fall means you don’t have to press the button. Your alarm can detect a fall, and it will trigger automatically.

SureSafe personal alarms have fall detection included in:

Each of these devices has a fall sensor that recognises a fall and calls for help. You don’t need to touch the SOS button.

Choosing the best personal alarm

The Benefits of a Fall Detector

  • Calls for help automatically when fall detected
  • No need to press the emergency button
  • Quicker access to medical attention
  • Best chance of full and speedy recovery
  • Fall detection devices offer increased safety for you
  • Peace of mind for you and your family

Peace of Mind with Fall Detection

If you or a loved one wants to keep their independence a device with a fall sensor will ensure you and your family have safety and peace of mind in the event of a fall.

Don’t wait until you or a loved one has a fall to get a SureSafe fall sensor. Order yours today or get in touch for further information.

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What our customers think of our fall detectors

Fall detectors can make a real difference to our customers and their families, but don't just take our word for it read our reviews to see for yourself...

Absolutely brilliant product and company and I cannot praise them highly enough. We bought the alarm when my father stumbled and fell into the bath one night and was unable to get out himself. As he still liked to go shopping we bought the alarm with the SIM card and the automatic fall detection. The staff at SureSafe were amazing about getting us set up with the right product, the whole process was so simple from start to finish. In all their dealings with us, SureSafe were incredibly friendly and highly professional. Dad was a bit reluctant to use the alarm at first as he once pressed it while asleep and the emergency services were soon there. They were fine about it and said they would rather be called out once too often than not enough. After that, he felt more at ease and really did wear it all the time. The automatic fall detection was brilliant. When he finally did fall and broke his arm, the ambulance crew was there in no time and called me to let me know what was happening. Before he finally entered a care home, this alarm gave me me so much peace of mind that my father was able to stay in his own home and that I could be sure he would not be lying injured without anyone finding him. Very reasonably priced too.
6 months ago
This company deserves the highest of recognitions. I dealt with a lady called Angela, she was extremely helpful, made the whole process of getting a fall alarm for my mum so easy. No hassle and very straight forward. I cannot thank you enough for all your help. I have no hesitation in recommending this company. First class throughout.
1 year ago
My grand daughter bought me an alarm for my birthday, I can talk through it and it tells the lovely people at suresafe if I have a fall and I can press a button. I can now walk my dog further and for longer. In a world gone mad with Covid, you can still be sure SureSafe will keep you safe,
1 year ago
My father (91) recently had a fall at home (he lives by himself) and he used the SureSafe button that he was wearing to call for help. They quickly contacted my sister-in-law but the phone line was bad and the connection could not be made. So SureSafe then called the local emergency services in my father's area and two police officers came to get him back on his feet. I would definitely recommend this company and their service for elderly people who may need help if they get into any difficulty.
Will Irwin
1 year ago
Exceptional Customer Service and Excellent Product. This company have completely exceeded my expectation... I can not speak highly enough about them. They went over and above to ensure that was able to achieve my goal of receiving my Fall Safe urgently and have it set up in super fast time. I would recommend them in a heart beat. My father was really pleased with the alarm warn on the wrist which is totally waterproof which means he does not need to take it off. I could see him visibly calm just knowing that someone would be there should he have a fall....... and I actually slept for the first time in a week! Great product, so easy to set up (you just plug it in), simple instructions, had a message to test the system when we were ready, very polite service centre. 5 STARS!
1 year ago
I was unsure about getting a pendant alarm, but am so thankful I did. It gives utter peace of mind to family and friends, but also to me. I never worry about going walks on my own, even in isolated spots, as I know I can get help very speedily, should I be unwell. Having the satellite tracking system, and also the falls alert, gives peace of mind. The centre rings me if I forget to charge the device and they never mind if you ring by accident. The service is excellent and when I recently needed an item, it came within 24 hours. Thank you!
1 year ago
I needed something for my elderly mother who had suffered from some falls. The equipment was delivered quickly and was easy to use. It gave me great peace of mind knowing help would come quickly. Support was available, and was very responsive. I would highly recommend this service. Les
1 year ago
This is the 3rd alarm we've bought for our 90 year old mother from various companies and so far it is the most reliable. As she lives in a rural town, signal coverage has always been an intermittent problem but with her tracker now choosing the best from O2, EE and Vodafone, we can see exactly where she is all the time. A big improvement. SOS and fall alerts are working well too so well pleased. The company were quick to dispatch and help set up which was pretty easy. It could do with an app so you can view the routes the tracker has taken but the company say they are working on this. However by just sending a text to the tracker you can find out within seconds where she is, and when you phone it she can speak to us despite it being buried under her jumper when she's out for a walk.
1 year ago
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