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70% of Over 75s Negatively Impacted by the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Article by Daniel Westhead Daniel Westhead Sure Safe Alarms

Between August 2021 and August 2023, the cost of food in the UK went up by 28.4%, according to a UK government research briefing.

Food bank charity the Trussell Trust said it provided nearly 3 million food parcels between April 2022 and March 2023 – which was 37% more than in the previous year.

Those are only the data for food. Prices of all the basic necessities of life, from food and energy to rent and mortgage payments, are increasing. And it’s clear that elderly people in the UK have been seriously impacted.

How have older people felt the effects of the cost-of-living crisis?

A recent survey of over-75s in the UK found that 70% of respondents had been negatively affected in some way by the cost-of-living crisis.

What kind of effects did they feel? A shocking one in five over-75s had to choose between paying for essentials like food and heating.

Additionally, 40% of the elderly people surveyed said that the cost-of-living crisis was in some way impacting their choices about care.

Obviously, the word “crisis” is accurate. Older people in the UK need the government to take action to address the cost-of-living crisis. In fact, more than half of the older people surveyed said that they feel the government must do more to help them handle the effects of the crisis.

What help is available?

It’s true that the government has taken some steps toward addressing the cost of living, and some seniors will be helped.

Seniors on Pension Credit may be eligible for Cost of Living Payments in autumn 2023 and spring 2024.

Older people on a low income should also find some support in the government’s Warm Home Discount scheme, Cold Weather Payments and Winter Fuel Payment.

However, are these supports enough when prices are rising so starkly? Will they ensure elderly people on a low income this winter will be well nourished and well cared for in a warm home? And what about elderly people who aren’t considered to be on a low income by the government but are still struggling with high costs related to elderly care?

In our survey of elderly people in the UK, close to three-quarters of respondents said that home care was unaffordable, and an overwhelming 90% said that care homes and nursing homes weren’t affordable either. It’s apparent that elderly care costs are a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked in the cost of living for older people.

What the government could do to help more

A care package that helps older people continue living independently in their homes would benefit seniors and their families.

Proper care for elderly people living alone isn’t trivial – it’s essential for keeping them in the best possible health, avoiding negative impacts such as a lack of nutrition or falls in seniors struggling with mobility. And 96% of over-75s in the survey said that they would prefer to stay in their own homes rather than moving in with family or to a care home.

It’s better for families, too, if elderly who want to keep living independently are able to do so. Caregivers often lose out on income when they reduce their work hours or leave paid work in order to care for a family member – which means the cost-of-living crisis may hit them harder.

The role of personal alarms

One support that can help older people to live independently at home for longer is a personal alarm. Alarms with automatic fall detection, for example, can ensure a senior never faces the serious health risks of a “long lie” – a period of 1 hour or more lying on the floor – which can trigger a cascade of negative health impacts, potentially ending in a move to a care home.

To learn more about the supports that personal alarms can offer, get in touch with our experts by calling 0800 112 3201, using our live chat, or requesting a call back.

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