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Dementia Tracker

Dementia trackers help people with dementia remain living independent in their own homes. They also give families peace of mind that their loved ones are safe. This includes an optional SOS button. They also include fall detection. They have GPS tracking which means loved ones can locate the alarm user instantly in the family & friends app. They include geo-fencing, which can help people at risk of wandering stay safe.

Dementia Tracker

Safety, peace of mind, and retained independence for those living with dementia and their loved ones.

Promoting a sense of independence in dementia patients is key to them enjoying a good quality of life. With our dementia tracker, you can safely maintain your freedom without compromising on safety.

Not only can you get help at the touch of a button, but with features such as GPS tracking and geo-fencing, should the person with dementia get confused or wander, you can be alerted immediately and know exactly where the wearer is located.

SureSafe personal alarms with dementia tracking give back control to dementia patients and their families.

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How does a dementia tracker work?

Many older people enjoy the freedom provided by wearing a personal alarm. It helps to know that help is just a button click away.

But for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, there are also a host of features that benefit not just the patient, but that also provide total peace of mind for their family too.

A GPS tracker for dementia patients is a simple way to be able to locate the user, should they wander or get lost. A personal alarm for people with dementia allows the person using the device to call for help at the touch of a button, to let their loved ones know where they are if they need help. They also allow family members to request the location of the tracker.

Additionally, our dementia alarms come with geo-fencing features which allow you to be notified should the user leave a specified ‘safe’ location. This allows you to quickly come to their aid or get help should they wander outside of the home.

Our DementiaSafe GPS Tracker (coming soon) comes with a family and friends app included for free. In addition to giving in-app alerts when the alarm is activated and the alarm user needs help, the app allows you instantly check on things like the alarm user’s location, view a history of prior locations, a log of any activity the alarm has had (e.g. SOS button presses, falls detected, geo-fence alerts, low battery alerts and many more). Additionally, you can set your availability in the app so other family members know who can help the alarm user at any given time, as well as a messaging system that all the nominated contacts with the app can communicate on.

Our dementia trackers are available in the form of a pendant which can be comfortably worn around the neck. Having the dementia tracker worn around the neck means that it is always with the person should they need it, for example while showering, and it is easily accessible should an emergency occur. They do not need to worry about finding it, or trying to get it out of a bag or pocket. They are also more likely to remember that they have it, when it can be seen easily at all times on their person.

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Depending on the stage of dementia of the user, you may opt for different features. People in earlier stage dementia may benefit from a simple personal alarm with an emergency button, as well as the standard fall detection and GPS location based features. For those with more advanced dementia, who might not remember they are wearing an alarm (or what to do with it), or where pressing the button repeatedly when ‘fiddling’ with things can become an issue, you can choose to have a dementia tracker without an SOS button. This means that the alarm wearer is still protected in the event of a fall, as fall detection comes as standard, plus you can feel confident that your loved one can be found if they happen to wander, or you simply want to discreet check on their location. Our dementia trackers can be tailored to suit the needs of the alarm user.

GPS dementia trackers are equipped with an SOS button for if the user needs help. In the event of an emergency, they simply need to press the panic button and help will be on the way. With the GPS feature, when the alarm calls for help, it automatically shares its location. This will be visible in the family & friends app immediately. If you’re worried about your loved one, you can also check their location by simply looking in the app. As mentioned above, the SOS button can be disabled if it is not suitable, or not required, for the wearer’s needs.

When you choose a SureSafe dementia tracker alarm, your alarm will be what we call ‘family monitored’. With our friends and family monitored option this allows you to set up a number of people of your choice who will be alerted should the wearer press the emergency button,or in the case of alarms for geo-fencing, or fall detection, be alerted should either the person wonder, or a fall be detected.

Friends and family can set their availability to be a respondent in the app, so that they will not be contacted when they are unavailable, and the call will automatically be routed to an alternative nominated contact. This can be important if you are going on holiday, or your job means that you are not able to access your phone during certain hours of the day.

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What do most people buy?

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Your Alarm. Your Way. Be safe anywhere. Available in watch or pendant format with 24/7 or family monitoring. Plus fall detection & GPS tracker.
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  • Fall icon Automatic Fall Detection
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Protection for those living with dementia – prevent wandering

Dementia is associated with the loss of cognitive functioning, including memory, thinking, language and problem-solving, to such an extent that it interferes with daily life. With this in mind, people with dementia or Alzheimer’s can often get lost or confused about where they are or where they’re going. This can lead to “wandering” which is a serious concern for many caregivers who worry that their loved ones may become frightened, get lost or even walk into a dangerous situation. It’s estimated that around 60% of people with dementia will wander at least once but many are likely to wander on more than just one occasion.

Wandering is the primary reason people buy trackers for people with dementia. If a person wanders outdoors unannounced, it can take hours to try and find them. Wearing a dementia tracking device, such as the DementiaSafe, means that they can be located within minutes. They can allow a person with dementia to remain independent and live a normal life, knowing that if they need help, get lost or start to feel poorly, someone will be able to easily find them.

Alarms that are equipped with GPS tracking let respondents know where to send help in case of an emergency. This personal alarm is also equipped with Geo-Fencing which allows you to set a ‘safe zone’ and notifies you if your loved one leaves this area. Furthermore, it offers fall detection so if the wearer suffers a fall, someone will be alerted even if they are unable to press the SOS button.

Help with personal alarm

What personal alarm is best for dementia?

Which alarm suits you will depend on several factors, including personal preference, stage of dementia and lifestyle.

If a loved one has dementia there are lots of non-intrusive devices, such as the DementiaSafe, which can help ease your mind and monitor your parent to ensure they are safe.

The DementiaSafe is packed full of features to help people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The optional SOS button is easy to press in the case of an emergency, so help will be on its way. Use of the SOS button will vary based on the stage of dementia – if they are at a moderate to advanced stage of dementia, this can be switched off.

If the wearer has a fall, the automatic fall detection can detect it and call for help without them needing to do anything – this can be vital if they lose consciousness as a result. In addition, the GPS and GeoFencing features make this the perfect dementia tracker as you can easily find them if you’re worried about them wandering.

As mentioned above, the DementiaSafe also comes with the SureSafe friends & family mobile app. This allows you and other selected users to view your parent’s last known locations, as well as step count, event history (such as SOS alerts, falls, low battery and whereabouts). You can also adjust your availability so others can see whether you’re around to help, and you can use the chat functionality to communicate with other responders.

This device also has a minimum 10 days of battery life so you or your parent don’t need to worry about ensuring it’s charged daily. There are also options to have 30 day battery life, and there are low battery alerts to let loved ones know to remind the user to charge it.

Alternatively, if your parent doesn’t want to wear a pendant, the SureSafeGo is a great option. This personal alarm is available in watch format and equipped with a host of useful features for dementia patients, is easy to use and includes GPS tracking and geo fence technology so you can see if the wearer is wandering. It also includes automatic fall detection and can be monitored by either friends and family, or using our 24/7 monitoring which links to our response centre.

Don’t wait until something happens.

A dementia tracker means your loved one is never alone. At the touch of a button, they can ask for help at any time of day or night, every day of the year. Allow them to stay at home longer and enjoy life as independently as possible.

Contact us at SureSafe on 0800 112 3201 if you’re interested in a dementia tracker for the elderly, or to learn more about our trackers for dementia sufferers. Alternatively, buy online today.

What our customers think of our dementia trackers

Dementia trackers can make a real difference to our customers and their families, but don't just take our word for it read our reviews to see for yourself...

Purchased sure safe watch and it was delivered quick and was easy set up. Feeling reassured that it would help raise an alarm to others if required.

Andrew B
2 days ago

Really great experience with this company from the first enquiry more than a year ago right through to a recent glitch. Great product that offers peace of mind and old fashioned human customer service. Special thanks to Yvonne.

L Taylor
3 days ago

We had an issue with my father-in-law‘s emergency pendant and it was resolved quickly and efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of this company. The customer aftersales support is excellent - Thank you Yvonne.

4 days ago

Very good product and service and good reminders to top up credit so a very good all round buy

Melanie Shuker
5 days ago

Really efficient service. Invaluable comfort and peace of mind for the family

Ian Marshall
5 days ago

All very simple to set up and great customer contact.

K Byers
5 days ago

Efficient, as always.

Excellent communication.

Very reassuring service.

6 days ago

We had an issue with my father-in-law‘s emergency pendant and it was resolved quickly and efficiently. I would not hesitate clearly recommend the services of this company. The customer aftersales support is excellent - Thank you Yvonne.

1 week ago

I live alone with my dog Claude and peawee my cat both 18months old and now if I do happen to trip over them when they are playing zoomies I can just press my alarm and know I won't have to wait hours to get help if I need it 24hrs a day.

1 week ago

Product arrived next day. I'd ordered the wrong thing, SureSafe helped me out immediately, and again when I needed a bit more help. Perfect - thank you!!

Mick T
1 week ago

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Take a look at some of the common questions that people have before buying a SureSafe alarm:

One of the symptoms of dementia can be that a person becomes forgetful. As a result, they can sometimes wander off without telling anyone. Other times they might already be out but the become disoriented and cannot remember where there are, or how to get to where they are going. A GPS tracker for dementia patients is a simple way to be able to locate them should they wander or get lost. A GPS tracker for dementia patients allows the person using the device to call for help at the touch of a button, to let their loved ones know where they are. They also allow family members to request the location of the tracker.

The SureSafeGO is a very popular GPS tracker for dementia patients. It is a lightweight pendant or watch based dementia tracking device that is worn anywhere the person goes. It uses GPS technology to share its location when needed. They provide great peace of mind for loved ones who are concerned that their loved one might wander off, or might get lost.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s can make people lose familiarity with people and places. People with dementia and Alzheimer’s will often get lost or confused about where they are. This can result in them getting lost when they are out and about. It is known to happen at any stage of the disease, not just at the latter stages.

The Alzheimer's Association estimate that 60%, or 6 out of 10, people with the disease will wander at least once. They further state that many will wander a lot more than once.

Wandering is the main reason people buy trackers for people with dementia. If a person wanders off out of the house unannounced, it can take hours to try to find them. Having a dementia tracking device on them can mean that they can be located within minutes.

Another reason people by trackers for people with dementia is in case they got lost. They may go out of the house with full awareness. They know where they are, and where they plan to go. However while out on their journey, they may become disoriented or forgetful, and what was a normal trip out becomes a bad experience. Having a tracker for people with dementia means that their loved ones can find out where they are at any time. The SureSafeGO dementia tracking device allows loved ones to send a text message to request their location, meaning that they can be found in seconds.

If a loved one has dementia, but refuses to wear a pendant, a dementia tracker watch for the elderly, or dementia tracker bracelet for the elderly could be the best alternative.

The SureSafeGO is a dementia tracker watch for the elderly that can be worn as a pendant or on the wrist as a dementia tracker bracelet for the elderly.

It is packed full of features. It has an SOS button in case the user needs help. In an emergency, they simply press the SOS button and help can be on the way. If they have a fall, the automatic fall detection can detect it and call for help without the user needing to do anything. This can be vital if they fall and lose consciousness as a result. Additionally, the GPS feature makes it the perfect dementia tracker watch for the elderly. When the alarm calls for help it automatically includes a Google Maps link to its location. If a loved one is worried about where the alarm user is they can request its location with a single text message.

Additionally, it has a heart rate monitor, a step counter and it also tells the time with both analogue and digital watch face options. It is easy to see why the SureSafeis the most popular dementia tracker bracelet for the elderly on the market.

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