How Do Personal Alarms Work?

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How personal alarms work

A personal alarm works by featuring a distinctive SOS button. When you press the button, it will trigger a call either to your nominated contacts or to a SureSafe operator, depending on which service you choose. You can the get the help you need. You can wear a personal alarm on your wrist or around your neck as a pendant.

Personal alarms are not all the same. Some have different features to others. Before you buy a personal alarm, we recommend you choose one with the features that suit your lifestyle.

The features include:

We are the leading provider of alarms. You can feel confident that you are in safe hands if you choose SureSafe. Our two United Kingdom based monitoring centres currently keep over 170,000 people living safely and independently. We are rated ‘EXCELLENT’ on with a 4.8 out of 5 star average. You can buy a personal alarm online today with fast, free delivery.

Do personal alarms work?

Yes, they do, because they get you the help you need quickly, and at the touch of a button. Wearing the alarm means it is always with you, unlike a mobile phone which is often left on a table or a kitchen unit.

When you fall ill or have a fall, minutes matter. The faster you can get medical assistance the better. If you are treated quickly for an illness such as a heart attack or a stroke you have a better chance of survival.

After a fall, you might also suffer from hypothermia from a cold floor, or dehydration if you’re left immobile for hours.

Wearing a personal alarm also means you don’t have to worry about having your mobile phone close to hand. You wear the alarm so pressing the SOS button is easy to do.

Our alarms are comfortable to wear. They are lightweight and discreet. You can even wear them in the bath or shower.

Most Popular Personal Alarms

We have alarms to suit all circumstances, from those for people who stay home to those to suit people who like to get out. Alarms that need landlines and alarms that use mobile signals. Take a look at our best alarms.

6 Family Monitored v2

SureSafeGO Pendant + Family Monitoring

Mobile GPS tracker alarm. Be safe anywhere, Family monitored with fall detection, talking pendant and family app.
  • At home or on the go Fully Mobile
  • Fall icon Automatic Fall Detection
  • Map GPS icon GPS Tracking
from £179.95
View Details
Fall Safe 640px


Wrist worn fall detector alarm that can detect a fall and get you or a loved one the help they need.
  • Home icon Helping People Stay in their Homes Longer
  • Shower proof icon Showerproof
  • Ringing Telephone Icon Uses Landline
from £195.00
View Details
Sure Safe 24 7 Connect 640px

SureSafe 24/7 Connect

Monitored alarm system for the elderly giving 24/7/365 days peace of mind.
  • Bath proof icon Bath & Showerproof
  • Wristworn icon Available as a Wristband or a Pendant
  • Fall icon Add Fall Detection (Additional Purchase Required)
from £165.00
View Details

Why use a personal alarm?

People without personal alarms are vulnerable if they are alone. Using a personal alarm gives you confidence because you know that should you feel ill or have a fall, help is at hand. It means you can go about your daily life with peace of mind.

If you suffer from a stroke or have a fall you may not be conscious, unable to speak or unable to reach for your phone. Wearing a personal alarm means you don’t have to worry about having your mobile phone close to hand. You wear the alarm so pressing the SOS button is easy to do whether you can speak or not.

How to use a personal alarm

Personal alarms are designed to be easy to use. All you have to do to get help is press the SOS button. One button, one press, it’s that simple. An SOS button is easier to use than a telephone keypad, especially if you have trembling hands or rheumatism.

Buy your personal alarm with fast free delivery today. All of our alarms come with plain English, easy to follow user guides that explain how to use a personal alarm.

If you have any questions about what features you need, or how to use a personal alarm, you can phone us on 0800 112 3201 or you can email us your questions at [email protected].

Suresafe personal alarms reviews

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Our great rating

Extremely efficient and friendly. The accompanying notes appear to cover everything and the equipment is discreet

1 minute ago

A clever product supported by excellent sales and customer service. We purchased the SureSafe Go for my Mum. Initial enquiry feedback,the sale and post sale customer service have all been superb. There was one slight glitch with a confirmation email not being received. This was not the fault of SureSafe and was quickly rectified by resending the email. The product has given my Mum a feeling of increased independence and peace of mind for her family.

2 days ago

So far so good! I picked up the phone and spoke to John as I wanted to double check this was the right alarm for my father. Clear, helpful information. Best thing about this alarm is you speak directly into the neck piece, not a base station. Perfect! Does everything we need. Only just started using it so can’t verify the 24/7 assistance but fingers crossed- we have peace of mind to leave my father for short periods knowing he has immediate help should he need it.

Candida Price
3 days ago

As always, simple & straight forward & complete trust in the product & name

4 days ago

Everything was explain clearly and delivery was fast. Within 48hrs from enquirying my mum had her confidence back as her bracelett was activated and she knew help was not far away.

Valued Customer
1 week ago

Perfect communication

Manjola Tanushi
1 week ago

My initial order via my smart phone was thwarted by difficulties with my payment method but I found it straightforward, with the help of Daryl, on my laptop. Thereafter all was plain sailing. The Friends and Family wristband arrived the next day (a Saturday). The setup was simple, even for an oldie, and my three offspring now have their tabs on me. It is functioning, although I am not sure of the charge capacity. Altogether a very efficient company with helpful, knowledgeable staff

Roger Street
1 week ago

Prompt and efficient service. I phoned to get more information and Darryl was very friendly and helpful. The wrist alarm arrived the day after the order and instructions were straightforward and we managed to set it up without trouble. It is very reassuring to know we can be in touch if needed.

1 week ago

We have been using the suresafe go watch for a couple of years now. Excellent product, a real lifeline for my elderly mother. It means she can live in her own house safely.

Excellent customer service from the company, fully recommend.

1 week ago

Helpful and polite A job well done

David Lamb
1 week ago

Who is a personal alarm for?

A personal alarm is the ideal device if you are older, frail or you are living with a condition that means you might need help if you feel ill.

According to the NHS 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 and half of the people aged 80 or more, will suffer from a fall within a 12-month period. If you are living with dementia, you might leave home without your keys or become confused about getting back home.

Rather than relying on the kindness of strangers isn’t it more reassuring to know that at the press of a button you can put a call through to a family member or one of our friendly operators?

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