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Elderly Woman in Armchair
21 Feb 2024 Tips & Advice

Pros and Cons of Recliner Chairs for Elderly People

Thinking of buying a riser chair or reclining chair for the elderly? We discuss types of reclining chairs and the pros and cons of using them.
Elderly Couple on a Beach
19 Feb 2024 Dementia

Dementia-Friendly Holidays: UK Guide

A dementia diagnosis doesn’t always mean holidays are impossible. We offer some tips for planning dementia-friendly holidays in the UK.
Delivery Person Using Home Alarm
14 Feb 2024 Tips & Advice

Choosing the Best Home Alarm for Elderly People

We discuss some of the top elderly home alarm options and explore how home alarms can work together with other devices to keep older people safe.
Woman Helping Elderly Man
13 Feb 2024 Tips & Advice

Moving Elderly Parents into Your Home: UK Advice

Moving older parents into your home is a complicated decision. We discuss what factors to weigh up and what considerations to keep in mind.
Elderly Woman with a Bruised Arm
07 Feb 2024 Tips & Advice

How to Treat Bruising in the Elderly

Bruising in seniors is not uncommon – but what should you do about it? We explore steps you can take to address bruising and its causes.
Elderly Man Using Blood Oxygen Monitor

Blood Oxygen Levels in the Elderly: What’s Normal?

Blood oxygen levels are an important barometer for elderly health. We discuss what levels are normal & what conditions cause low blood oxygen.
Sibling Disagreement
31 Jan 2024 Elderly Care

Sibling Conflict Over Care of Elderly Parents: UK Guide

What can you do if you and your siblings disagree over your elderly parent’s care? We offer some tips.
Woman with Elderly Parent
29 Jan 2024 Dementia

How to Get Power of Attorney for an Elderly Parent with Dementia: UK Guide

We explain how to draw up a Lasting Power of Attorney or apply to become the deputy of an older person with dementia.
Burglar Alarm on Home
24 Jan 2024 Telecare & Alarms

5 Types of Alarms to Keep Elderly People Safe at Home

Alarms are a great way to protect older people living either independently or with carers in their own homes. We discuss several types of alarms that can help.
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