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05 Dec 2022 Elderly Care

What are the signs, symptoms and causes of delirium?

Is an older person you care for experiencing a severe and sudden change in mental abilities? They may be suffering from delirium.
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28 Nov 2022 Tips & Advice

How to Prevent Arthritis

The prevalence of arthritis is on the rise. Understanding what it is and the underlying causes can help you take action now to reduce your risks. Discover what lifestyle changes you can make to reduce the impact or even prevent arthritis.
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22 Nov 2022 Tips & Advice

The Elderly and Sleep

While we all tend to get up more in the night as we age, maintaining good sleep patterns becomes more vital in our older years. Read our latest blog to find out more about the elderly and sleep.
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15 Nov 2022 Lone Worker Alarms

Lone working procedures

People working alone is becoming more common in the UK workforce, and for employers, understanding who a lone worker is, and what procedures need to be in place to protect them, is becoming increasingly important.
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10 Nov 2022 Tips & Advice

Best Christmas Gifts for the elderly 2022

The festive season is rapidly approaching and now is often the time we turn our attentions to gift buying for those we care about.
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09 Nov 2022 Dementia

Dementia with Lewy Bodies: Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) is a progressive neurological disorder that affects an estimated 100,000 people in the UK. We explore the signs, symptoms and treatments in our latest blog.
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03 Nov 2022 Elderly Care

Low levels of sodium in the elderly

While we often hear about the dangers of having too high an amount of salt within your diet and how increased sodium in your body can damage your health, for older people, the opposite can also be the case. We explore the causes, symptoms and treatments for low levels of sodium in the elderly.
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31 Oct 2022 Tips & Advice

How is Arthritis Diagnosed?

As we grow older, it's not unusual to suffer from aches and pains or stiffness of joints. However, these could be signs of arthritis. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to help slow down the progression of the disease and prevent further damage to joints.
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24 Oct 2022 Tips & Advice

Best Christmas Gifts for Older People

There are a number of gift ideas available which can specifically cater to the needs of older people. We explore some of the best Christmas gifts for older people.
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