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19 Jan 2024 Tips & Advice

Who to Notify After Someone Dies

The time after a loved one’s death is always very difficult. To help out, we list organisations you’ll need to contact with notifications about the death.
Carer Holding Elderly Mans Hand
17 Jan 2024 Tips & Advice

Putting Someone in a Care Home Against Their Will

What can you do if you’re worried for an older person’s safety in their home, but they refuse to move to a care home? We list some steps you can take.
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16 Jan 2024 Elderly Care

Elderly Carer’s Allowance Application: Your Complete Guide

If you care for an elderly person for 35 hours per week or more, you could be eligible for Carer’s Allowance. We explain who’s eligible and how to apply.
Daughter greeting senior mother in garden
09 Jan 2024 Elderly Care

Moving a Parent Into a Care Home

Making decisions about moving a parent into a care home is tough. We offer some pointers to help you navigate the process.
Camera to Monitor Elderly Loved Ones 1
04 Jan 2024 Tips & Advice

5 Helpful Cameras to Monitor Elderly Loved Ones

How can you help your older loved one to avoid moving to a care home if they need a little more monitoring for safety? Cameras can help. Here are 5 options.
Microphone on Stage

9 Famous People and Historical Figures with Epilepsy

If you’re an older person diagnosed with epilepsy, you’re not alone. Many seniors have the condition – as do many famous figures you’ll have heard of.
Elderly Man in Bed

4 Epilepsy Bed Alarms for the Elderly

A seizure bed alarm is designed to detect a tonic-clonic seizure that happens during sleep and alert a carer. We run through a selection of bed alarm options.
Elderly Man Headache

Forms and Symptoms of Elderly Head Arthritis

Can arthritis occur in the head and cause headaches? Actually, it can, in several different ways. We explain how in our simple guide.
Elderly Woman Walking
18 Dec 2023 Dementia

Lifestyle Changes for Elderly Dementia Prevention

Did you know that there are lifestyle steps you can take that are proven to decrease risk of dementia? Read our blog post to learn more.
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