Digital Switchover

The digital switchover refers to the move away from analogue landlines, which is happening by 2025. But more broadly, it’s about the move towards digital technology in practically all areas of modern life. The world is undergoing a digital revolution, and this can feel very overwhelming for senior citizens. As technology progresses, many elderly people can feel as if it is moving too fast for them, leading them to feel left out and left behind.

This an especially important issue when you consider that many forms of technology, including TV and Radio, are now switching to digital forever. Even banking is slowly making the change towards digital apps instead of in-person services. As the world becomes more digitally connected, it’s important for everyone, including the elderly, to adapt and embrace these changes.

At SureSafe, we’re dedicated to highlighting the important aspects of digital inclusion, digital skills and why digital literacy is important for the elderly. In this section of our blog, you’ll find plenty of digital switchover information to guide you or your elderly relatives through the process.

That’s paired with news about the latest digital devices that are suitable for elderly users, and how they can support a safe, independent lifestyle. There’s also tips to help you improve your digital skills and advice on things like cybersecurity so elderly people can stay protected online.

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16 Aug 2022 Digital Switchover

10 Simple and Effective Online Safety Tips for Seniors in 2022

While the internet has some great uses and can help to make our lives easier and simpler, it does come with some safety risks. In our guide, we cover the main risks posed by the internet, how to spot them and precautions to keep you or your elderly loved ones safe.
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09 Aug 2022 Digital Switchover

Elderly and the Digital Divide during COVID-19: Technology for the Elderly

Digital communication platforms enable us to work, speak with loved ones and enjoy our daily hobbies or exercise routines in the comfort of our own homes, however, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have relied on technology a lot more. In this blog, we explore the increased negative effect the digital divide had on the elderly during the pandemic and ways that technology can benefit the elderly.
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26 Jul 2022 Digital Switchover

How Will New Technologies Benefit Aging and Longevity: Assisted Living Technology

With tech emerging at such a rapid pace, there are an increasing number of devices and software that can help the elderly to stay safer, feel more confident and maintain their independence.
Senior woman looking smart watch 2021 08 30 06 38 29 utc
21 Jul 2022 Digital Switchover

Gadgets for Seniors who want to Remain Independent

Independence can provide seniors with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. While ageing can make living independently more challenging, there are lots of gadgets that can help seniors to live independently, safer and for longer.
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02 Jun 2022 Digital Switchover

Seniors and Digital Skills: An Essential Guide

Digital skills can present a specific challenge for older people – with barriers to using digital services including not knowing how to use the technology available, physical impairments that can make using a laptop or smartphone harder or feeling worried about the security of accessing certain services such as banking or utilities online. We look at how seniors can use technology to enhance lifestyles.
Analogue Switch Off and Your Personal Alarm
15 May 2022 Digital Switchover

When is the analogue signal being turned off?

Analogue phone lines are being switched off. This is expected to happen by 2025 but BT is starting work on it now. You need to keep this in mind if you're thinking about buying a personal alarm for an elderly person or you are looking at using a personal alarm yourself.
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26 Apr 2022 Digital Switchover

Mobile Phones for the Elderly: An Introductory Guide

Which phones are easiest for older people to use? What is the best mobile phone for the hard of hearing? Is there a great mobile phone for the partially sighted? We explore the best mobile phones for the elderly.
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13 Apr 2022 Digital Switchover

Digital Inclusion and what it means for the elderly

From paying our bills to communicating with friends and family, many personal and business interactions now take place primarily online. But what can this mean for those who don’t have easy access to internet, or are unsure or wary of using online platforms? We explore what digital inclusion is, and what it can mean for older people.
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