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14 Jun 2022 Telecare & Alarms

How do I get a personal alarm for an elderly person?

Personal alarm devices can offer peace of mind for both yourself and your loved one that if they need help, it’s just the click of a button. Depending on the alarm, there are lots of useful features, so it can be tricky trying to decide which one is right for you or your loved one. Here is all of the information you need on how to get a personal alarm for an elderly person, and the types of personal alarms available to you.
Woman personal alarm wristband
02 Jun 2022 Telecare & Alarms

Pendant Alarms for the Elderly

As we grow older it can be that we require just a little more assurance and support when living alone. A pendant personal alarm is a small and unobtrusive device that can provide this support by alerting carers in the event of a fall or emergency.
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31 May 2022 Telecare & Alarms

What is a GPS Alarm?

For those who are caring for a loved one GPS tracking devices give peace of mind that we can keep an eye on their whereabouts and summon help should difficulties occur. And for those who may feel vulnerable when out and about, GPS tracking provides the reassurance that wherever you are, someone can find you quickly and easily if you need them to.
Woman personal alarm wristband
20 Nov 2021 Telecare & Alarms

Lifeline Alarms: New and Easy to use Technology

SureSafe are the industry leaders in providing technology that improves people's lives, yet remains easy to use. We strive to solve the everyday challenges people face when trying to live independently. We do this with alarms that simply require a single button press to get the help that you or your loved one needs.
Supra C500 Key Safe Landscape
01 Oct 2021 Telecare & Alarms

What is the best Key Safe?

Choosing what the best KeySafe is can almost be as difficult as choosing the best personal alarm. Security in our loved ones homes is vital to keep them feeling safe and for peace of mind. A personal alarm is a great way to keep your loved ones safe, but what if they use their SOS button to call for help, and no one can get into their home to check if they’re ok? This is where a KeySafe comes in handy.
Personal Alarms for Peace of Mind
05 Aug 2021 Telecare & Alarms

What is a Panic Button for the Elderly?

Learn about how a panic alarm for the elderly gives safety and peace of mind for you or a loved one.
Keeping Mum or Dad at Home
04 Aug 2021 Telecare & Alarms

Do Personal Alarm Devices for the Elderly Help Keep them Safe?

Keeping older loved ones safe can be a big worry for many people. Personal alarm systems for the elderly are a popular option to allow your elderly loved one to remain living in their own homes, safer and for longer. SureSafe also has a range of wrist worn alarms if you prefer not to wear a pendant.
Personal Alarms for Peace of Mind
15 Jun 2020 Telecare & Alarms

Telehealth Care & Medical Alarms: The Ultimate Guide

Telehealth care is helping UK families to connect to each other nationwide. Whether you have concerns about an elderly parent falling, you have a loved one in a rural or remote location or you want to make a younger relative feel more comfortable - using a personal alarm pendant or a wrist worn fall detector can give you reassurance and peace of mind.
Senior man with younger caregiver
18 Feb 2019 Telecare & Alarms

Simple gadgets & personal alarms to help dementia patients

When people hear the word dementia, they generally associate it with a single disease. This is not the case, however. Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a memory loss problem that impacts the proper functioning of the brain. It can affect anyone but it's more common in elderly people.
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