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Symptoms of arthritis
29 Mar 2022 Tips & Advice

Symptoms of Arthritis

The effects of arthritis can be incredibly painful. However, by recognising the condition and seeking the right treatment, you can better manage your pain and remain psychically active.
Covid Anxiety
15 Dec 2021 Tips & Advice

How to deal with Anxiety and Vulnerabilities post -covid?

One of the things that we are hearing more nowadays is how common anxiety is, especially with the Covid 19 pandemic. There is no guarantee when this will become a ‘post-Covid world’, but with over 20 million people in the UK having been given the booster jab, we can start visualising how things will look in the future.
Ged Customer Service
04 Nov 2021 Tips & Advice

What is a Personal Alarm Response Centre and why is it so important?

We have many different types of alarms with the most popular being with a monthly subscription to a response centre providing 24/7 monitoring. Here, we give you information on what is a Response Centre and how having the option of extra support can benefit both the alarm wearer and family & friends.
A Space for Anxious Shoppers
30 Jul 2021 Tips & Advice

A safe space for anxious shoppers

A third of people age sixty or over have reported feeling more anxious recently. With lockdown easing, some businesses are creating safe spaces to give people a place to go to if they are feeling anxious.
Personal alarms for elderly loved ones
20 Jul 2021 Tips & Advice

25th of July is the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

Earlier this year in January Pope Francis announced that July 25th would be World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, a time when the Catholic church will honour and celebrate grandparents and the elderly.
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