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Adapting to life as a senior citizen can be difficult – especially if you or your loved one wants to maintain independence. But doing so shouldn’t mean compromising on safety and support.

At SureSafe, we understand the unique challenges faced by elderly individuals and the importance of balancing both safety and independence. That’s why we’ve collated a selection of articles that offer valuable tips and advice on many different aspects of life, as well as some of the challenges you may face.

Read articles that highlight practical life tips and advice for the elderly about how to cope in various situations – and adapt to specific healthcare and lifestyle concerns. There’s also guides to different products to help you or your loved one make the right purchases for their requirements – not to mention gift guides for those all-important birthdays, Christmases and more.

Above all else, our advice for the elderly is all about offering support to senior citizens or those who are close to them, to help them live their best lives with confidence and security. Ageing comes with unique challenges – and our mission is to provide valuable insights and practical guidance to navigate through these hurdles successfully.

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Elderly Woman in Armchair
21 Feb 2024 Tips & Advice

Pros and Cons of Recliner Chairs for Elderly People

Thinking of buying a riser chair or reclining chair for the elderly? We discuss types of reclining chairs and the pros and cons of using them.
Delivery Person Using Home Alarm
14 Feb 2024 Tips & Advice

Choosing the Best Home Alarm for Elderly People

We discuss some of the top elderly home alarm options and explore how home alarms can work together with other devices to keep older people safe.
Woman Helping Elderly Man
13 Feb 2024 Tips & Advice

Moving Elderly Parents into Your Home: UK Advice

Moving older parents into your home is a complicated decision. We discuss what factors to weigh up and what considerations to keep in mind.
Elderly Woman with a Bruised Arm
07 Feb 2024 Tips & Advice

How to Treat Bruising in the Elderly

Bruising in seniors is not uncommon – but what should you do about it? We explore steps you can take to address bruising and its causes.
Man Using Phone and Laptop
19 Jan 2024 Tips & Advice

Who to Notify After Someone Dies

The time after a loved one’s death is always very difficult. To help out, we list organisations you’ll need to contact with notifications about the death.
Carer Holding Elderly Mans Hand
17 Jan 2024 Tips & Advice

Putting Someone in a Care Home Against Their Will

What can you do if you’re worried for an older person’s safety in their home, but they refuse to move to a care home? We list some steps you can take.
Camera to Monitor Elderly Loved Ones 1
04 Jan 2024 Tips & Advice

5 Helpful Cameras to Monitor Elderly Loved Ones

How can you help your older loved one to avoid moving to a care home if they need a little more monitoring for safety? Cameras can help. Here are 5 options.
Elderly Couple at Christmas
06 Dec 2023 Tips & Advice

Christmas Gifts for Elderly Women & Men

Christmas is getting closer! Need tips on the perfect gifts for elderly women and men? Our 2023 guide to Christmas presents for elderly people has you covered
Elderly Bruised Arm
16 Nov 2023 Tips & Advice

Causes of Bruising in the Elderly

Older people often bruise more easily. These bruises can be caused by serious conditions or just factors due to ageing. We explore the details.
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