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Key Safe Safety
12 Oct 2023 Tips & Advice

Are Key Safes Safe for an Elderly Person’s Home?

Key safes ensure that help can enter an older person’s home as quickly as possible in an emergency. But are they safe? We dig a little deeper.
Senior woman with hands on chest

Chest Arthritis in the Elderly

What types of arthritis cause chest pain? We discuss several ways in which arthritis can cause pain in joints, tendons or ligaments in the chest.
Senior Man Measuring Arterial Blood Pressure
09 Oct 2023 Elderly Care

Blood Pressure Measurement in the Elderly

High blood pressure is a health concern for many older people, but monitoring blood pressure at home can help them keep an eye on it. We explain how.
UK Government
02 Oct 2023 Elderly Care

Majority of Over 75s Think Government Elderly Support is Lacking

What’s missing in the support currently available for elderly people facing the cost-of-living crisis? We explore one aspect that government support overlooks.
Elderly Night Time

Nocturnal Seizures for Elderly People with Epilepsy

Learn more about sleep seizures for elderly people, including the different types of night-time seizure and what you can do to help.
Elderly Cost of Living
27 Sept 2023 Tips & Advice

70% of Over 75s Negatively Impacted by the Cost-of-Living Crisis

A recent survey found that 70% of over-75s have been impacted by the cost-of-living crisis. What has the government done to help & what more could be done?
Elderly Walking

Living with Parkinson’s Disease: Lifestyle Adaptations for the Elderly

Elderly people with Parkinson’s disease experience a wide variety of symptoms. We discuss some lifestyle changes that can be helpful for different symptoms.
Choosing Between Essentials
20 Sept 2023 Elderly Care

1 in 5 Over 75s Forced to Choose Between Everyday Essentials

A survey of over-75s found that the cost-of-living crisis forced 1 in 5 respondents to choose between basics like food and heat. We explore why this is risky.
Elderly Care Costs
18 Sept 2023 Elderly Care

Elderly Care Costs: In-Home and Care Home Options

Amid the cost-of-living crisis, seniors are struggling to pay for elderly care. We explore what types of care are available and how affordable they might be.
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