Elderly Care

Elderly care is vital to ensure older people are kept safe and well. As we age, our bodies and mind undergo changes, making tasks that were once simple more challenging. It’s important to help elderly people with these issues without sacrificing their independence and dignity.

Perhaps you want to find the right care options for yourself or a loved one. Alternatively, you might want to learn about providing care yourself. Or maybe you’re interested in the grants available to help with the cost of care for you or a relative. Whatever the case, our articles aim to cover all bases on care for elderly UK people.

At SureSafe, we understand the importance of cherishing our elderly loved ones and ensuring they lead a life of independence, safety and dignity. Ageing should not diminish a person’s sense of autonomy. It is important to approach elderly care as a way of supporting seniors whilst empowering them to make their own choices.

Articles cover everything from the creation of accessible spaces and minimising the risk of accidents to different types of care and how to provide the best support for elderly loved ones. Get practical tips and advice that will help create the ideal environment for senior citizens as they adapt to the challenges of their current stage of life.

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Choosing Between Essentials
20 Sept 2023 Elderly Care

1 in 5 Over 75s Forced to Choose Between Everyday Essentials

A survey of over-75s found that the cost-of-living crisis forced 1 in 5 respondents to choose between basics like food and heat. We explore why this is risky.
Elderly Care Costs
18 Sept 2023 Elderly Care

Elderly Care Costs: In-Home and Care Home Options

Amid the cost-of-living crisis, seniors are struggling to pay for elderly care. We explore what types of care are available and how affordable they might be.
Elderly Home
15 Sept 2023 Elderly Care

96% of Elderly People Want to Stay in Their Own Home for Care

96% of over-75s prefer to remain living independently in their own home. Here’s why aging in place can be better for seniors’ thinking skills, mobility & more.
Elderly Support
07 Sept 2023 Elderly Care

SureSafe is Proud to Join the Age Action Alliance

SureSafe is delighted to have joined the Age Action Alliance – a collaborative group that works toward better lives for older people.
Elderly Care
04 Sept 2023 Elderly Care

Cost-of-Living Crisis Affecting Care-Based Decisions for 40% People

In a recent survey of over-75s, 40% said financial concerns were affecting their care decisions. We discuss why appropriate elderly care is so important.
Home Care
25 Aug 2023 Elderly Care

74% of Over 75s Think Home Care Support is Unaffordable

A recent survey found that three-quarters of elderly people find care at home to be unaffordable. What can families do? We explore the options.
Elderly at Home
18 Jul 2023 Elderly Care

Help for the Elderly Living at Home

Considering help for the elderly living at home? This guide explains everything you need to know, including care options and prices.
Shutterstock 2154826565
04 May 2023 Elderly Care

What is a Care Plan for the Elderly?

Care plans for the elderly can help you provide the best care possible to keep your loved one safe and happy. Find out more in our guide.
Adobe Stock 430131469
03 Nov 2022 Elderly Care

Low levels of sodium in the elderly

While we often hear about the dangers of having too high an amount of salt within your diet and how increased sodium in your body can damage your health, for older people, the opposite can also be the case. We explore the causes, symptoms and treatments for low levels of sodium in the elderly.
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