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05 Dec 2022 Elderly Care

What are the signs, symptoms and causes of delirium?

Is an older person you care for experiencing a severe and sudden change in mental abilities? They may be suffering from delirium.
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03 Nov 2022 Elderly Care

Low levels of sodium in the elderly

While we often hear about the dangers of having too high an amount of salt within your diet and how increased sodium in your body can damage your health, for older people, the opposite can also be the case. We explore the causes, symptoms and treatments for low levels of sodium in the elderly.
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18 Oct 2022 Elderly Care

Heart Failure - Signs, Symptoms & Causes

Heart failure is a growing problem in the UK, partly due to lifestyle changes but also due to other issues such as the pandemic which has seen both delays in diagnosis, but also complications from heart disease. As with any medical worries, it pays to act quickly, and treatment can make the world of difference to your recovery and quality of life. With this in mind, we explore the signs, symptoms and treatments for heart failure.
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06 Oct 2022 Elderly Care

Nutritional Needs for Older Adults

Keeping the right balance of nutrients in our bodies can become a little more difficult as we grow older. We explore how nutritional needs change as we age.
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04 Oct 2022 Elderly Care

Living With Arthritis

If you're living with arthritis, you know that the condition can make everyday tasks difficult. But there are many ways to manage your arthritis and improve your day-to-day life. We explore some tips and advice for living with arthritis.
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13 Sept 2022 Elderly Care

Dehydration in the Elderly

Older people are more vulnerable to becoming dehydrated for a variety of reasons, ranging from our bodies changing as we age to environmental and psychological factors. We discuss the causes and signs of dehydration, alongside treatment and prevention.
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09 Sept 2022 Elderly Care

Causes Signs and Symptoms of Epilepsy

There are around 600,000 people in the UK living with epilepsy. We discuss common signs, symptoms and causes in our latest blog.
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07 Sept 2022 Elderly Care

Anaemia: Signs, Symptoms and Causes

Anaemia is a condition which affects over two billion people across the world – over 30% of the global population. In our latest blog we discuss the signs, sytmpsoms and causes.
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02 Sept 2022 Elderly Care

Loss of appetite in the elderly

As we age, our appetites naturally decline, and our weight can fluctuate as a result. However if you or someone you know is suffering a loss of appetite, it's important to understand the causes.
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