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Elderly Gardening
25 Jul 2023 Activities

6 Blooming Good Benefits of Gardening for the Elderly

How does gardening help the elderly? In this guide, we share the amazing benefits and offer some helpful tips about staying safe outside.

Elderly Arthritis Care – Complete UK Help Guide

Our helpful guide to elderly arthritis offers resources about types of arthritis, diagnosis, treatments and the support available.
Elderly at Home
18 Jul 2023 Elderly Care

Help for the Elderly Living at Home

Considering help for the elderly living at home? This guide explains everything you need to know, including care options and prices.
Lone Worker
13 Jul 2023 Lone Worker Alarms

4 Best Lone Worker Apps for Safety & Protection

Lone workers face greater risks, but lone worker apps and personal alarms can help via GPS tracking, fall detection and one-touch alarm functions.
11 Jul 2023 Activities

7 Simple Leg Exercises for the Elderly

It’s crucial for elderly people to keep working their leg muscles to prevent falls. Read our simple guide for 7 easy exercises that are gentle on older legs.
07 Jul 2023 Tips & Advice

Gifts for Elderly Men Who Have Everything

Searching for gifts for elderly men? We round up some of the best recommendations, including experience vouchers, safety alarms and hampers.

What Does Arthritis in the Wrist Feel Like?

Pain, swelling or stiffness in your wrist could be symptoms of arthritis. Our article explores how arthritis can cause wrist pain and how to treat it.
Shutterstock 2172757295

What Are the Signs of Elderly Arthritis in The Hips?

Suspect you or a loved one might have hip arthritis? We share several hip arthritis signs, symptoms and treatments.
Shutterstock 1358292347
22 Jun 2023 Tips & Advice

5 Symptoms of Arthritis in the Back

Have you got back pain that won’t go away? You might have back arthritis. Discover some of the most common symptoms and treatments.
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