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13 Sept 2022 Elderly Care

Dehydration in the Elderly

Older people are more vulnerable to becoming dehydrated for a variety of reasons, ranging from our bodies changing as we age to environmental and psychological factors. We discuss the causes and signs of dehydration, alongside treatment and prevention.
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09 Sept 2022 Elderly Care

Causes Signs and Symptoms of Epilepsy

There are around 600,000 people in the UK living with epilepsy. We discuss common signs, symptoms and causes in our latest blog.
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07 Sept 2022 Elderly Care

Anaemia: Signs, Symptoms and Causes

Anaemia is a condition which affects over two billion people across the world – over 30% of the global population. In our latest blog we discuss the signs, sytmpsoms and causes.
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02 Sept 2022 Tips & Advice

The Best Diet Choices for People with High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects around one in three adults across the UK and is a leading cause of major illnesses. Discover the foods to eat and the foods to avoid to ensure you stay heart healthy.
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02 Sept 2022 Elderly Care

Loss of appetite in the elderly

As we age, our appetites naturally decline, and our weight can fluctuate as a result. However if you or someone you know is suffering a loss of appetite, it's important to understand the causes.
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26 Aug 2022 Lone Worker Alarms

What Are the Rules on Lone Working in the UK?

One in five people in the UK work alone or without direct supervision,so it is important that lone workers are protected by their employers to ensure their safety. We explore the rule on lone working in the UK
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16 Aug 2022 Digital Switchover

10 Simple and Effective Online Safety Tips for Seniors in 2022

While the internet has some great uses and can help to make our lives easier and simpler, it does come with some safety risks. In our guide, we cover the main risks posed by the internet, how to spot them and precautions to keep you or your elderly loved ones safe.
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09 Aug 2022 Digital Switchover

Elderly and the Digital Divide during COVID-19: Technology for the Elderly

Digital communication platforms enable us to work, speak with loved ones and enjoy our daily hobbies or exercise routines in the comfort of our own homes, however, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have relied on technology a lot more. In this blog, we explore the increased negative effect the digital divide had on the elderly during the pandemic and ways that technology can benefit the elderly.
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03 Aug 2022 Tips & Advice

20 Best Gifts for the Elderly: Things You've Never Thought Of

Shopping for your elderly loved ones can be difficult - a gift for a senior should be practical, but also meaningful. Here's a list of 20 gift ideas for your loved one that you might not have thought of.
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