As you get older, it can feel harder to stay active and you might think more activities are unsuitable or inaccessible. However, age should never be a barrier to a person living a fulfilling and enriching life. There are lots of activities suitable for elderly people with different fitness levels and pre-existing conditions.

In this section of our blog, you’ll find a wide range of ideas to keep yourself or your elderly loved ones engaged and active. That spans from exercises for improving fitness and flexibility to fun elderly-friendly activities like gardening, games and even places to go.

Read articles that cover a spectrum of activities suitable for different abilities and interests. Whether it’s gentle exercises, craft ideas to spark creativity, or tips on how to reconnect with old interests, we’ve put together informative guides to cover all bases.

At SureSafe, our goal is to create a place where you can come for support and advice on how to better the lives of your elderly loved ones. We believe that mutual support and camaraderie play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for seniors.

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Elderly Couple Walking in the Snow
26 Feb 2024 Activities

Dangers of Cold Weather for the Elderly

Cold weather isn’t just uncomfortable. For seniors, it can have significant negative health impacts. Find out why and how to stay safe.
Elderly Man and Woman in Front of Car
13 Dec 2023 Activities

Elderly People Driving: How, Why & When to Stop

Driving can be risky for some elderly people, although not all. We discuss when an older person should stop driving and how to ensure they stop if needed.
Elderly Exercise
22 Nov 2023 Activities

Lowering Blood Pressure with Exercise in the Elderly

Does exercise work to lower blood pressure in older people? Yes – we explain how and why before listing some good exercises for the elderly.
Old Man and Young Woman Using Laptop
04 Nov 2023 Activities

The Joy of Journaling in Later Years

Retirement is the perfect time to get the benefits of journaling – and there are so many senior-friendly ways to do it!
Elderly Gardening
25 Jul 2023 Activities

6 Blooming Good Benefits of Gardening for the Elderly

How does gardening help the elderly? In this guide, we share the amazing benefits and offer some helpful tips about staying safe outside.
11 Jul 2023 Activities

7 Simple Leg Exercises for the Elderly

It’s crucial for elderly people to keep working their leg muscles to prevent falls. Read our simple guide for 7 easy exercises that are gentle on older legs.
Shutterstock 534961387
03 May 2023 Activities

The Best Memory-Boosting Games for the Elderly

Searching for some much-needed entertainment that could help with cognitive function? We share our favourite memory-boosting games for the elderly.
Pexels mikhail nilov 7530000
29 Sept 2022 Activities

Exercises the Elderly Can Do at Home

As we grow older, it’s important to maintain our health and well-being through regular exercise. But it can be more practical to undertake your workouts at home. We discuss the best exercises the elderly can do at home.
Adobe Stock 283501695
05 Apr 2022 Activities

Activities for the elderly that aren’t boring

As we get a little older, our bodies can get weaker. But that doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up on activities. We uncover some of the best activities designed to keep both body and mind in shape.
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