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Hands Chopping Vegetables

Early Arthritis in Fingers and Hands of the Elderly

When it comes to arthritis in the hands, early diagnosis and treatment is crucial. We explore some signs of early arthritis in hands and fingers.
Old Man and Young Woman Using Laptop
04 Nov 2023 Activities

The Joy of Journaling in Later Years

Retirement is the perfect time to get the benefits of journaling – and there are so many senior-friendly ways to do it!
Carer with Elderly Person

Epileptic Seizure Recovery in the Elderly

Learn more about the effects after a seizure and what to do in the aftermath, including how long recovery can take after a seizure.
Elderly Woman with Sore Knee

What Causes Osteoarthritis in the Elderly?

Common in older people, osteoarthritis occurs due to wear and tear or damage on joints. We explain exactly what happens in the joint and why.
Elderly Person Talking About Diagnosis
25 Oct 2023 Dementia

Causes & Symptoms of Mixed Dementia in the Elderly

An elderly person with mixed dementia has 2 or more types of dementia at the same time – often Alzheimer’s disease & vascular dementia. Learn more.
Elderly Person in Bed
20 Oct 2023 Tips & Advice

Bed Bugs Infestation and the Elderly: 5 Key Things to Know

Bed bug infestations aren’t easy for anyone, but they can be particularly challenging for older people. We explain five reasons why.
Seizure Support

What to Do If Someone Elderly Has an Epileptic Seizure

What should you do if an elderly loved one has an epileptic seizure? We explain all the essential steps, including steps for different types of seizure.
Elderly Epilepsy

What Kinds of Epilepsy Alarm Are Available for the Elderly?

Epilepsy alarms can provide peace of mind for older people with epilepsy. But different people will need different devices depending on their type of seizure.
Key Safe Safety
12 Oct 2023 Tips & Advice

Are Key Safes Safe for an Elderly Person’s Home?

Key safes ensure that help can enter an older person’s home as quickly as possible in an emergency. But are they safe? We dig a little deeper.
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