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Elderly Couple Moving Home
15 Apr 2024 Elderly Care

Moving Elderly People from One Care Home to Another

We discuss points to consider when you’re leaving one care home to go into another, including permission, costs and preparation.
Carer Lifting an Elderly Man
10 Apr 2024 Elderly Care

5 Types of Lifting Aids for the Elderly

When mobility becomes difficult for an older person, lifting aids can be a great help. We discuss five types of lifting aids and who they might suit.
Carer Helping Elderly Man
08 Apr 2024 Falls

Elderly Falls Risk Assessment: What You Need to Know

Read all about falls risk assessments, including how they work, when to seek one and what can happen after an assessment.
Male Carer with Elderly Man
02 Apr 2024 Elderly Care

Getting Emergency Care for the Elderly

There are many situations where you might need elderly care urgently and unexpectedly. We address when that might happen and what to do.
Woman with Elderly Father
27 Mar 2024 Elderly Care

Setting Boundaries with Difficult Elderly Parents as a Carer

Learn about setting boundaries with difficult elderly parents to help with the emotional effects of caring and create a better balance for everyone involved.
Elderly Person Using Smart Watch
25 Mar 2024 Telecare & Alarms

Testing Your Personal Alarm: What, Why & How

Testing your personal alarm is a crucial step to keep you safe. Fortunately, it’s super easy. We explain how it all works.
Caregiver Helping Elderly Woman
21 Mar 2024 Elderly Care

Balancing Working Full-Time and Caring for an Elderly Parent

It’s not easy to manage working full-time and caring for an older parent. But small supports can add up to help. We discuss some steps you can take.
Carer at Elderly Persons Home
18 Mar 2024 Elderly Care

Your Essential Guide to Emergency Home Care for the Elderly

If you need home care fast, there are lots of options for getting it. We discuss how to obtain emergency home care for the elderly and why you might need it.
Elderly Person in Hospital
13 Mar 2024 Elderly Care

Hospital Discharge Planning for Elderly Patients

Recovering and leaving hospital is a good thing, but it can involve tricky details. We discuss how to help ensure hospital discharges go smoothly.
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