Lone Worker Alarms

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15 Nov 2022 Lone Worker Alarms

Lone working procedures

People working alone is becoming more common in the UK workforce, and for employers, understanding who a lone worker is, and what procedures need to be in place to protect them, is becoming increasingly important.
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22 Sept 2022 Lone Worker Alarms

Risk Assessments For Lone Workers

Lone workers make up a significant portion of the workforce in many industries, and as such, employers have a duty of care to ensure their safety while they are working. A risk assessment is a vital part of this process, as it allows employers to identify any potential risks that their lone workers may face and put measures in place to mitigate them.
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26 Aug 2022 Lone Worker Alarms

What Are the Rules on Lone Working in the UK?

One in five people in the UK work alone or without direct supervision,so it is important that lone workers are protected by their employers to ensure their safety. We explore the rule on lone working in the UK
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15 Jul 2022 Lone Worker Alarms

How can we protect Lone Workers?

With around 20% of the total UK workforce classed as lone workers, how can you ensure that your lone workers are protected? Learn about the risks associated with lone working, what the employer of a lone worker must do and protection systems to ensure the safety of lone workers.
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25 May 2022 Lone Worker Alarms

What safety measures are in place for lone working?

For any business, ensuring employees' safety is always a primary concern. However, for those who manage remote workers the elements of risk can be elevated thanks to both the fact that, should an issue arise, they may be unable to summon help, and the fact that, as a result of being alone, they can be more susceptible to risks such as accidents or violence. Therefore, ensuring that you have safety measures in place for lone workers is vital. It is important to understand how a lone worker’s safety may be at risk, and what measures are in place to help support and keep them safe.
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18 May 2022 Lone Worker Alarms

What should a personal alarm be used for in lone working?

A personal alarm or other lone worker device can be a valuable piece of lone working equipment, providing peace of mind in case of an emergency for your staff and ensuring that you meet your obligations as an employer of lone workers.
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11 May 2022 Lone Worker Alarms

What must the employer of a lone worker do?

It’s estimated that approximately 20% of the UK’s workforce is comprised of lone workers – those who work without direct supervision for extended periods of time. We explore what the employer of a lone worker must do to keep them safe.
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