Elderly Health Conditions

It’s only natural that some health issues become more common as we age. However, these elderly health conditions don’t have to seriously impair quality of life for you or a loved one. As well as treating and living with conditions, it’s important to have knowledge of different health concerns to make sure they are identified early and can be properly treated.

Our articles on elderly conditions cover a wide variety of topics, including autoimmune conditions, rheumatic conditions, and other general elderly health complications. Learn about the signs and symptoms associated with these conditions and know when to contact a healthcare professional.

Beyond recognising certain elderly conditions, there’s lots of advice on living with health conditions. This includes healthy lifestyle choices to stop diseases progressing or minimise the risk of them developing in the first place. With our help, you’ll be better equipped to maintain your independence in your later years.

At SureSafe, we are dedicated to helping elderly people with a range of autoimmune, rheumatic and other conditions. By learning more about these issues, seniors and their loved ones can take control of their health and live life to the full.

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Elderly Night Time

Nocturnal Seizures for Elderly People with Epilepsy

Learn more about sleep seizures for elderly people, including the different types of night-time seizure and what you can do to help.
Elderly Walking

Living with Parkinson’s Disease: Lifestyle Adaptations for the Elderly

Elderly people with Parkinson’s disease experience a wide variety of symptoms. We discuss some lifestyle changes that can be helpful for different symptoms.
Epilepsy Support

A Guide to Epilepsy Support for the Elderly

Epilepsy support can help older people with epilepsy to live well with the condition. We explore the financial, technological & social supports available.
Autoimmune Conditions

6 Common Autoimmune Diseases in the Elderly

Common autoimmune conditions in the elderly include rheumatoid arthritis, Sjögren's syndrome and more. We explore how these disorders can affect seniors.
Arthritis Flare Up

Arthritis Flare Up Symptoms & Causes in the Elderly

An elderly person can experience pain, stiffness, swelling & fatigue during an arthritis flare up. We explore what causes flares & how they can be managed.
Arthritis Diet

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Elderly Diet & Lifestyle Guide

Living with rheumatoid arthritis as an older person? Our guide outlines rheumatoid arthritis diet & lifestyle changes that can help ensure your health is at its best.
Elderly Mental Health

Support for Mental Health in the Elderly

If you or a loved one are suffering from poor mental health, read our guide for several practical tips and resources to manage the symptoms.

Elderly Arthritis Care – Complete UK Help Guide

Our helpful guide to elderly arthritis offers resources about types of arthritis, diagnosis, treatments and the support available.

What Does Arthritis in the Wrist Feel Like?

Pain, swelling or stiffness in your wrist could be symptoms of arthritis. Our article explores how arthritis can cause wrist pain and how to treat it.
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