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Smart Doorbell
18 Jul 2024 Telecare & Alarms

A Guide to Smart Doorbells for Older People

Smart doorbells are a great technology – and they’re useful to seniors in various ways. Find out what they can do and how to choose the right one.
Elderly Woman Using an E Reader
17 Jul 2024 Tips & Advice

Gadgets That Help the Elderly Live Independently

We give a short overview of a number of technologies that are available to help an older person stay living alone.
Elderly Man Using a Pill Organiser
11 Jul 2024 Elderly Care

A Simple Guide to Pill Organisers & Dosette Boxes

Learn all about pill organisers and dosette boxes, including where you can get them, your entitlement to free boxes, and how to use them.
Carer Pushing Elderly Man Through an Airport
02 Jul 2024 Activities

Facilitating Flying: Air Travel Assistance for the Elderly

Airport travel can be daunting for the elderly and their loved ones. We explain what help is available in airports and on your flight.
Elderly Woman Sitting in an Armchair
26 Jun 2024 Tips & Advice

Home Safety Checklist: Creating an Age-Friendly Environment for Easy Movement and Independence

Discover ten major points to check off to help elderly people maintain their independence as they remain in their own homes.
Carer Pushing an Elderly Man
25 Jun 2024 Elderly Care

Caring for Carers: What Support is Available?

When you’re caring for an older loved one, it’s important to take care of yourself too. We discuss a variety of ways to get support.
Elderly Woman Using a Stairlift
19 Jun 2024 Tips & Advice

Are Stairlifts the Best Option for the Elderly?

Stairlifts can be costly – but they can also make a big difference for seniors who struggle with stairs. We explore pricing & whether stairlifts are worth it.
Elderly Man on the Floor
17 Jun 2024 Falls

The Dangers of a ‘Long Lie’ for the Elderly

Find out why a long lie is so dangerous for the elderly, how it can happen, and how it can be prevented.
Elderly People Walking
10 Jun 2024 Activities

Walk This Way: The Benefits of Walking for the Elderly

Walking offers a wide array of health benefits that make it a great choice for many seniors. We explore the advantages along with how to get started.
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