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Join the thousands of others living with the peace of mind that SureSafe personal alarms bring to families.

We help older people to live independently in their own homes. Giving people the reassurance that help is never far away if they need it. Whether you are looking for a personal alarm for yourself or a loved one, we can help.

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We offer the broadest range of alarms on the market. You can choose the right alarm for your needs and order online. Or, if you have questions, call us on 0800 112 3201 and our friendly knowledgeable team can help.

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We’ll deliver your alarm the next working day. It will be ready to use out of the box. Our alarms are easy to use – simply press to call for help. If you have any questions, we are always available to help.

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Simply wear your alarm and you'll know that there will be someone there when you need them. We can keep you safe 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

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Most Popular Personal Alarms

Sure Safe GO 640px


Mobile GPS tracker alarm. Be safe anywhere, either 24/7 Monitored or Family Monitored
  • At home or on the go Fully Mobile
  • Fall icon Automatic Fall Detection
  • Map GPS icon GPS Tracking
from £149.95
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Fall Safe 640px


Wrist worn personal alarm that can detect a fall and get you or a loved one the help they need.
  • Home icon Helping People Stay in their Homes Longer
  • SureSafe Shower Proof Icon Showerproof
  • Ringing Telephone Icon Uses Landline
from £124.95
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Sure Safe 24 7 Connect 640px

SureSafe 24/7 Connect

Monitored personal alarm system giving 24/7/365 days peace of mind.
  • SureSafe Waterproof - Bath Coloured In Bath & Showerproof
  • SureSafe GO Icon Coloured in Available as a Wristband or a Pendant
  • SureSafe Falling Icon Coloured In Add Automatic Fall Detection at Any Time
from £134.00
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Why Choose SureSafe Personal Alarms?

You can feel confident choosing SureSafe personal alarms. We are the leading provider of personal alarms in the UK for a reason… many reasons in fact!

  • You’re in safe hands - Our UK based monitoring centres currently help keep over 170,000 people living safely and independently in the UK.
  • We have the expertise to keep you safe – We know what we are doing. Our management team of trained professionals has over 50 years of experience in delivering first class alarm services.
  • A proven track record of helping people - Want to know how good we are? Ask our existing customers! On average, our customers give us 4.8/5 stars, 98% would recommend us to a friend.
  • First class service, every time – We are rated ‘EXCELLENT’ on Reviews.io
  • Industry leading technology – We lead the way with high quality, easy to use alarms. We launched the first and best mobile personal alarm in the UK, the tried and trusted SureSafeGO.

What is a personal alarm?

Put simply, a personal alarm is designed to keep people living independently and safely in their own homes. It is an alarm that can be worn on the body, either on the wrist or on a lanyard around the neck. The alarm is pressed when you or your loved one gets into difficulty. This can include following a slip or trip, or a sudden illness such as a heart attack, a stroke or an epileptic seizure. They bring confidence and safety to the alarm user, and peace of mind to worried family and friends. Everyone can rest assured that help is always available, quickly and easily.

Suresafe personal alarms reviews

You’re in safe hands, but don’t just take our word for it

4.8/5 stars on reviews.io
Straightforward SIM card renewal. Alarm continues to give Mum peace of mind that help is at hand.
Kevin Watson
12 days ago
Prompt & courteous service. Worked first time. Nice to have a follow up call to ensure we were happy.
1 month ago
Informative website, easy to order with fast delivery. Very easy to install the alarm, works when installed in the Virgin media cable telephone socket and test call was answered quickly. Thanks to the customer service team for answering my query about whether it would work or not with a Virgin cable phone and broadband installation. I like the fact the alarm can be wrist worn all the time including in the shower so that my dad doesn't forget to put it on. So far very impressed with Suresafe alarms
1 month ago
excellent product and service, all in place and working well thank you
1 month ago
Unobtrusive. Easy to setup and use. Gives me confidence if I have to pop out to the shops, knowing, if my wife falls, she can contact me immediately. We'll worth the investment.
1 month ago
Product came quickly, my partner has pressed button by mistake several times, it has been answered with a nice friendly voice everytime. Since my partner has had this alarm, I feel alot happier when I am working.
1 month ago
The dragon finds that the alarm is working well, thanks for the speedy delivery and service.
1 month ago
Great service from start to finish. They’re alway contactable if you have any questions. Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. I feel much better now my elderly mother and uncle have an alarm each. It’s very easy for my sister and I to check the status of their alarms via our mobile phones. So glad we chose Suresafe!!
1 month ago
Suresafe alarms respond quickly to install the right equipment for my family and friends. They added additional services to keep my mom safe ☺️
1 month ago
Very pleased with SureSafe indeed, dad has no problems with it either, half the time he doesn’t even know he’s got it on, which is great, he’s had a call before from SureSafe to say he needs to charge it, which is excellent, at the moment though he’s not well enough to go out the flat, but it’s great reassurance for me, that if he needs help it’s right there, seeing as he lives on his own. Honestly couldn’t recommend this highly enough, absolutely fantastic item, and brilliant with the GPS too. There is nothing to fault with it, it’s a wonderful item, so well done. Anyone thinking of getting one, you certainly wouldn’t be disappointed with SureSafe.
Mrs Wills
1 month ago

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SureSafe is the leading provider of personal alarms within the UK.

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SureSafe is the leading provider of personal alarms within the UK.

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