Do Personal Alarm Devices for the Elderly Help Keep them Safe?

Safety when at home alone can be a big source of worry for many. By encouraging the use of a neck alarms for the elderly, you can help to put your mind at ease and help those living alone to feel safer and more secure by providing a simple way to call for help in the event of an emergency. When faced with an emergency such as a fall, a loss of consciousness, or a stroke, it may not be possible to reach or use a phone in order to gain assistance. With a personal alarm system for the elderly, help is just a button press away.

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How do Personal Alarm Systems for the Elderly Work?

Our personal alarm devices for the elderly work via a telephone-based system, allowing the user to immediately call for help in the event of an emergency. The user wears the alarm pendant around their neck; the pendant contains an emergency button which allows the wearer to call for help should they fall, feel unwell or require assistance. Many of our personal alarm systems also include automatic fall detection to ensure assistance can be gained even if the user is unconscious and unable to press the emergency button themselves.

In order to send out the alert, the personal alarm system is linked to a base unit; this base unit is usually the telephone landline in the home. We do however offer wearable alert devices which utilise mobile technology in order to allow the alarm to be used both inside and outside of the home. Mobile alarms are ideal for elderly people who wish to stay active and are often away from the house. Nevertheless, in both mobile and landline alarms, the result is the same. When the alarm button is pressed it activates the base unit, this in turn alerts a designated responder (usually a friend or family member), or alerts the SureSafe 24/7 response centre, who will be able to arrange the necessary assistance immediately.

Other personal alarm system options

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Wrist worn fall detector alarm that can detect a fall and get you or a loved one the help they need.
  • Home icon Helping People Stay in their Homes Longer
  • Shower proof icon Showerproof
  • Ringing Telephone Icon Uses Landline
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Fall Alert

Neck worn personal alarm that can detect a fall and call for help.
  • Home icon Helping People Stay in their Homes Longer
  • Shower proof icon Showerproof
  • Neckworn icon Discreet and Lightweight
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SureSafe 24/7 Connect

Monitored alarm system for the elderly giving 24/7/365 days peace of mind.
  • Bath proof icon Bath & Showerproof
  • Wristworn icon Available as a Wristband or a Pendant
  • Fall icon Add Automatic Fall Detection at Any Time
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The Benefits of a Personal Alarm Device for the Elderly

Personal alarm devices for the elderly have a wide range of benefits. The first and arguably most important benefit is helping to prevent sustained and more severe injuries. Studies in the UK have shown that the longer a person stays on the ground following a fall, the longer the recovery time will be. Lying on the floor with an injury for a prolonged period of time can result in further health complications, often causing lifelong ailments. This highlights one of the main benefits of personal alarms for the elderly. They allow immediate help to be requested. Studies also show that by gaining help immediately, the chance of making a full recovery increases to 80%. This shows how neck alarms for the elderly can be potentially life-saving devices in the event of an emergency.

In addition to this, wearable alert devices can help to reduce both worry and risk. It has been shown that those who are less confident and worry more about injuring themselves are more likely to. This is because they may be less keen to move around in fear of falling, however reducing movement also reduces mobility making falling more likely. Confidence is therefore key in helping to protect your elderly loved ones living alone. A wearable alert device for the elderly can be paramount in helping to restore this confidence, knowing that assistance is just the press of a button away.

Here at SureSafe, we offer a range of wearable alert devices for the elderly that can help individuals to live worry-free in the safety of their home whilst providing comfort and peace of mind for friends and loved ones. They help elderly people to maintain independence for longer and live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

To find the perfect option for your elderly loved ones, browse our full range of personal alarm devices for the elderly.

See what our customers are saying about SureSafe

Just signed up for a monitored pendant with fall detection and tracking. The company answered the phone immediately. The forms were simple to complete. The pendant arrived straight away and we were up and running in 2 days without any hassle at all. We proceeded to test the system and it all worked exactly as it was supposed to. The mobile app works well too. The helpline responded immediately and the person who answered the phone was well trained. The whole experience was simple, slick and well organised. It was a pleasure to deal with such a professional company.

Mike J.
4 hours ago

Wanted an emergency personal alarm for my Mum. After a lot of research I saw this company on Which & spoke with John MacGugan about what product best suited our needs. Brilliant direct comms, guidance, features & advice on SIM. No pressure sales so we bought a SureSafeGo Family Monitored pendant. Really great pricing, no monthly costs & super quick overnight delivery. Easy set up for 3 & after a quick charge we were ‘live’. I am also confident that the after sales support will help us truly benefit from this product. Cheers

Pete F
5 days ago

We have had the services of Suresafe for almost 4 years for our elderly father. They have been excellent throughout and it has been a real comfort and support to know they were always on the end of the line if needed. If our father pressed the device by mistake, he was always met with a cheery voice and a simple are you ok. It also gave him piece of mind knowing we could all be reached easily if he needed.

Ms F Penn
6 days ago


Clear instructions.

Made this an easy operation.

Giving the whole family the knowledge that if our loved one needs us the pendant will do its job.

Andrew Murphy
2 weeks ago

Great experience. The product is excellent. So is the service! I can highly recommend.

John Perkins
2 weeks ago

We were looking for an alarm with the personal touch rather than a connection to a help desk if activated for my elderly mother. The SureSafe alarm ticked all the boxes. Website was very easy to navigate and impressed that they offered chat functionality to connect. This was quick and easy to use and John was extremely helpful. He also followed up a few days later as promised.

We ordered and it arrived as promised the next day.

Jill Higgins
2 weeks ago

John was really helpful and went through the ordering process with my wife, giving me peace of mind for my Mum and I. Great service!

Keith A
3 weeks ago

My Mum's SureSafe Guardian is installed and working, thanks to SureSafe for such speedy delivery and help setting it up when I called. It's really reassuring knowing my Mum can call us if she needs help and I slept better last night than I have done for ages.

Sue Bebbington
1 month ago

I have just purchased a sure safe guardian wrist watch alarm for my mum and have to say the experience initially over chat and then by phone with John Macgugan, sales manager, was excellent. He was extremely helpful guiding me to the right product (I would have bought the wrong one with a SIM card which wouldn’t have worked due to poor network where my mum lives) and agreeing to fast track the postage to be able to get it in time.

Nigel David
1 month ago

Brilliant service - literally saved my mum's life when she fell down steps in the garden onto paving and broke 6 ribs! Without this alarm no-one would have known and too awful to think what would have happened. Strongly recommend.

1 month ago

What if I don't want something hanging round my neck?

Not everyone wants to have pendant hanging around their neck, not everyone feels comfortable with this. Don't worry though, SureSafe has a number of wrist worn options that mean you can still get the same safety and security of a personal alarm system, just worn a different way.

SureSafe's wrist worn alarm options include the SureSafeGO Plus alarm, the FallSafe and the SureSafe Personal Alarm. These three alarms offer a range of different features, all of which can be worn discreetly on the wrist. Whether you are looking for fall detection, 24/7 monitoring or an alarm that calls family and friends directly, these 3 wrist alarms give you plenty of choice at an affordable price.

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