Lifeline Alarms: New and Easy to use Technology

SureSafe’s broad range of alarms are developed to make life easier for the elderly and those people living with a medical condition who want to be independent but know that they can get help if they need it.

At SureSafe, we realised that vulnerable people living alone need to summon help quickly through a reliable device and so we developed our lifeline alarms.

Through the use of technology, we have been able to improve the lives of the tens of thousands of our customers who wear our lifeline alarm systems.

We made our wearable devices easy to use by featuring just one button that you press to get help.

Our principle approach is to listen to the challenges of our customers and create solutions to make their lives easier.

Our Best Selling Lifeline Alarm

Sure Safe GO 640px


Mobile GPS tracker alarm. Be safe anywhere, either 24/7 Monitored or Family Monitored
  • At home or on the go Fully Mobile
  • Fall icon Automatic Fall Detection
  • Map GPS icon GPS Tracking
from £134.95
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How we create solutions for your problems

A good example of how we rise to technological challenges and solve the problems our customers may have comes from the development of the fall detection in our lifeline alarms.

We recognised that our elderly customers or those who live with a condition like epilepsy or diabetes have a greater risk of falling.

If due to the fall, they were knocked unconscious or became disorientated, we realised they may not be able to press the SOS alarm.

We solved that problem by using technology to create an alarm that would recognise a fall without the wearer needing to do anything. Then we made sure that the fall detection triggered an SOS call automatically.

Another challenge we faced was how to help people who weren’t in the room with their base unit when they needed help. How would they communicate with their loved ones or our response centre to tell the what help they need? Most companies offer a base unit as a speaker which you use to communicate through. But what happens if you’re not within the speaker’s range?

We solved this problem by creating the talking pendant. Instead of relying on the base unit, you can have a two-way conversation just by talking through your pendant. That means if you’re away from your base unit, you can still get help easily.

Another example is that by listening to our customers, we also realised that people liked to have peace of mind by wearing a lifeline alarm for the elderly when they were out of the house. They wanted a mobile alarm pendant.

Again, we used our knowledge of technology to create a pendant that was fully mobile. The alarm connects to mobile networks when you are out of the house which enables you to use your lifeline personal alarm anywhere. If you have a fall or feel unwell when out and about, your mobile pendant has GPS tracking so your contacts can find out where you are quickly.

More Lifeline Alarms for the Elderly

Fall Safe 640px


Wrist worn fall detector alarm that can detect a fall and get you or a loved one the help they need.
  • Home icon Helping People Stay in their Homes Longer
  • Shower proof icon Showerproof
  • Ringing Telephone Icon Uses Landline
from £35.00
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Fall Alert 640px

Fall Alert

Neck worn personal alarm that can detect a fall and call for help.
  • Home icon Helping People Stay in their Homes Longer
  • Shower proof icon Showerproof
  • Neckworn icon Discreet and Lightweight
from £35.00
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Sure Safe 24 7 Connect 640px

SureSafe 24/7 Connect

Monitored alarm system for the elderly giving 24/7/365 days peace of mind.
  • Bath proof icon Bath & Showerproof
  • Wristworn icon Available as a Wristband or a Pendant
  • Fall icon Add Automatic Fall Detection at Any Time
from £35.00
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Our latest challenge

Our latest challenge has come about as a result of the BT Digital Switchover. As you may already know, BT is planning to switch off all old analogue phone lines as they go completely digital. They hope to have the whole country using a digital phone service by 2025.

When BT goes completely digital it will mean that landline plugin phones and any devices that use a landline will be switched over to an internet connection.

Here at SureSafe, we realised we must address this problem. Although the country won’t be fully digital until 2025, SureSafe has already created a solution in the form of a new digital lifeline personal alarm called the SureSafe Guardian.

The SureSafe Guardian is for use in the home and garden. But, instead of plugging into your analogue telephone line, it functions through your WIFI or by plugging the base directly into your router.

The new SureSafe Guardian is an affordable Lifeline alarm that offers help at the touch of a button, and is ‘future-proof’ against the upcoming changes to the phone systems.

If you’re using one of our new SureSafe Guardian lifeline alarms for the elderly, you’ll find it will continue to work after the digital switchover.

Caring for elderly parents

SureSafe in the future

SureSafe is always looking for ways to improve the technology used in our lifeline personal alarms. In the 1980s personal alarms were only basic boxes that plugged into a landline with an SOS button. In fact, many personal alarm companies still use this method today.

We haven’t stayed in the past. We are industry leaders, delivering easy to use and install lifeline alarm systems you can wear with confidence.

SureSafe recognises the need to look to the future and that’s why we created our cutting edge yet simple to use range of alarms. We’re also committed to bringing our lifeline alarms for the elderly into the digital age.

Our customers come to SureSafe because they know we use our technological know-how to develop reliable lifeline alarm systems. We solve problems other companies don’t feel the need to address. SureSafe is constantly looking to the future and listening to our customer’s needs.

When you’re wearing a lifeline personal alarm you know you have the benefit of using a device designed by a company that listen, research, and create solutions to help you keep your independence.

If you want to know more about SureSafe and how they can help you, get in touch with us by email or give us a call on 0800 112 3201.

Read reviews from our existing lifeline alarm customers

Great products and very helpful staff when making contact. We purchased a watch after my husbands health deteriorated. He wears the watch daily and has the option to long press the button to call my phone, it also has fall detection so if he falls at all it calls me automatically. It then follows up either with a text with his location so I could find him if needed for any reason. Great peace of mind and has given him a lot of independence back.

Sarah Calver
2 weeks ago

Fantastic service from initial enquiry to set up. Very helpful and courteous staff. Excellent product. Would highly recommend for peace of mind.

Trish Valentine
3 weeks ago

Excellent service and support! I selected SureSafe based on previous reviews and from the technical details provided on their website. The pendant with cellular service provided the very best features ….panic alarm, fall down alarm, built in speaker and microphone, plus GPS. Being based in USA did not present any difficulties for getting this service set up for my 90 year old mother in Hampshirite, UK. Peace on mind what critical for me. The cost is very reasonable and my Mother had to use the service several times. A few times were false alarms but a few were for a real need. Alerting other family members, neighbors could not have been easier and help soon arrived. Independent living is no longer an option for my Mother and she is now in a Care Home where she can get 24 hr support. Cancelling the service was simple. Do I recommend this….absolutely! The pendant is still usable and it can be transferred to other family members as and when their need arises. Then it’s just a case of activating the service.

Jonathan Guest
3 weeks ago

Excellent customer service - informative professional representative - Richard Sheil explained the product options and capabilities fully and it is ideal for my elderly parents requirements. Having purchased one for each of them, I now feel that they are fully protected & safe , which has made me feel comfortable that they now have the support they need should there be a requirement.

Derrick Heatley
3 weeks ago

Suresafe Alarms supplied an alarm system for my elderly father. It was simple to set up and worked very well. My father used the alarm on at least two occasions and I was alerted by Suresafe to go to his assistance. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Name Withheld
3 weeks ago

I searched on line for a monitored alarm for my wife who has Motorneuron Desease . I found Suresafe Alarms and other companies on google, but I found their website very easy to use and found exactly what we need AND the prices were all there as well. I sent an email request on saturday not expecting a response till monday but John phoned me within an hour. He was very professional, polite, and definately not pushy. He asked what I wanted to acheive and quided me to the right system. I set up the contract and bought the alarm within 15 minutes. Excellent service and I am confident of the company being as good as John in supporting the system. I am happy now knowing that if my wife falls anywhere she will be helped. Thank you John.

Rob Wood
3 weeks ago

Saturday morning about 11am I sent a request to SureSafe by email asking for clarification of purchase options. Saturday afternoon 3pm i received a phone call from John at SureSafe. He spent about 20 minutes with me explaining the various options functions costs etc. He also asked about the physical condition of the recipient to help with the decision. I ultimately chose one option and with his help there and then purchased the products to be sent out as next day delivery on the next working day Monday. Excellent service.

3 weeks ago

Great service from John and great product. Purchased for my Mum who’s hard of hearing but she does hear the pendant really well which I was surprised at. Within the first 48hrs of her having it she was contacted by a very nice representative to advise the battery was running low, she was very impressed. Thank you, we’re relieved she has this device with her.

Liz Howells
3 weeks ago

Great product and great service. From the initial call with John and selecting the right product all the way through to now using the product and company. Great support from the customer care team and the peace of mind I now have is well worth the cost

Holly Farrell
3 weeks ago

Will definitely be recommending the product and service from SureSafe. Bought this SureSafe GO for my nan and its changed her life. She now has more freedom than she has had for a long time and the peace of mind is value for money. John from the 1st point of contact and Jo from the customer care team once we recieved the device are both professionals offering great advice and service.

Stephen Simpson
3 weeks ago
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