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Personal alarms for elderly loved ones

Technology has effectively helped companies from any sector to work more efficiently than ever. This technology has also helped make our lives safer. Telecare equipment like Sure Safe alarms has helped make this possible.

What are Telecare Equipment?

This is equipment such as a personal alarm watch, pendant or personal alarms for the elderly that help people live independently. Telecare equipment comprises of various kinds of safety alarms and panic alarms like fall detection alarms, seizure alarms, lifeline alarms or an epilepsy alarm. The alarms can be used by people of all different ages and there are different styles to suit different needs.

How does this Equipment work?

These alarms help people, often elderly but not always, to continue living their life independently without worrying about their safety. They give the wearer a way of communicating with other people and will alert family and friends or a 24/7 monitoring centre if you have some kind of emergency.

So, for example, fall detection alarms will automatically call for help in the event of a fall and the wearer won't need to press their SOS pendant. This is because the personal fall alarm will sense the sudden force and movement and raise the alarm - meaning the wearer doesn't even need to press their emergency button.

An elderly fall alarm like this can be useful if the wearer is left alone for any period of time and you are worried about them falling.

What features can a personal alarm system have?

Sometimes being able to talk to a person and hear that help is on the way can help a person to hold on to life or face any adverse situation. Talking Pendant Alarms come with two-way communication between the wearer and the person on the other side. Some of our alarms even use mobile phone technology so they can be used without a landline.

A personal alarm fall detection device will sense the change in air pressure and speed of movement and the fall alarm will be activated. Should this happen, our trained Response Centre Operators will manage the situation to make sure you or your loved one gets the best possible care and does not panic. These types of fall alarm can be lifesaving if a loved one falls unconscious or cannot press their SOS pendant. Alarms with built-in GPS and fall detection will be able to do this anywhere there is a reliable mobile phone signal.

This can be a lifeline alarm if your loved one likes to get out. GPS technology means that we have been able to create an alarm that keeps your loved one safe outside of their home. These elderly alert system alarms pinpoint the exact location of the wearer making it easier to reach them as soon as possible. With alarms for the elderly and disabled people being so advanced, they are able to enjoy independence and go out with peace of mind. This type of alarm will usually help with fall prevention in the elderly; if they have a built-in fall detector the GPS tracking will locate them wherever they are, the increased confidence that this brings, often makes the wearer more confident on their feet and can prevent panic.

Each of our SureSafe Alarms has many features that ensure the safety of your loved ones, it's just a matter of choosing one to suit your or your loved one's needs.

How is this equipment helpful?

There may be some stand out reasons why you're thinking about using a personal safety alarm necklace for elderly relatives or a wrist worn fall detector for someone with underlying health issues. These reasons may include features such as fall detection, GPS, talking pendant and the different monitoring options.

Did you know though, there are other less obvious benefits to using a personal alarm system? These include the confidence a loved one will gain just by having an alarm and knowing that if they ever are concerned or scared they can get in touch with you. Plus, neck alarms for the elderly are likely to result in a loved one being more active and more stable on their feet and in this way they prevent falls.

With these and many other life-saving uses, Telecare equipment is a great solution if you have a loved one in need. At SureSafe, telecare and personal alarms for elderly are well-equipped with the latest technology to get help there in time. If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch, we're happy to help!

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