Fall Detection Disclaimer

Fall detection sensors attempt to identify potential fall situations based on changes of movement in the device. Fall detectors consist of sensors and a sophisticated algorithm. The algorithm is designed to balance sensitivity with practicality to avoid too many false alarms caused by everyday movement such as sitting down.

Like all alarms on the market, the fall detection technology in a SureSafe alarm does not allow analysis and interpretation of 100% of fall situations. In spite of its algorithm capabilities, and considering the technologies used and the target to minimise false alarms, some falls, even some dangerous-heavy falls, might not be detected. This is the reason why the manual SOS button is present on the device, and we recommend using that in the first instance where possible.

Using an alarm with a fall detector provides you with a much higher level of protection than using a device without this functionality, but it will not give you 100% protection against all falls, as no fall detector can detect every fall.

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