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Dementia trackers help people with dementia remain living independent in their own homes. They also give families peace of mind that their loved ones are safe. They includes an optional SOS button. They also include fall detection. They have GPS tracking which means loved ones can locate the alarm user instantly in the family & friends app. They include geo-fencing, which can help people at risk of wandering stay safe.

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6 Family Monitored v2 SureSafeGO Pendant + Family Monitoring
Mobile GPS tracker alarm. Be safe anywhere, Family monitored with fall detection, talking pendant and family app.

Personal alarm and GPS tracker for elderly with dementia

By choosing an alarm with a dementia GPS tracker for elderly relatives who have dementia, you have a reliable way to make sure your elderly parents or grandparents are safe. This sort of medical alarm, sometimes called a lifeline alarm or panic alarm, will help you locate a loved one if they wander off.

How do dementia GPS tracker alarms help you keep track of someone?

GPS tracking is a simple solution that is easy to use for anyone who wants to ensure their loved one is safe and away from danger. It is a personal alarm linked to mobile phone technology. The tracker works by sending the location information in real-time to any mobile device, computer or tablet that is connected to the internet. This means that if your mother or father lost their way or wandered off somewhere else, you can keep a check.

You should encourage your loved one to wear their personal safety alarm necklace, pendant or wristband at all times so that it is easy to locate them if they leave their home.

Should this happen you should also be able to talk to them via their pendant which will give you peace of mind as well as giving your elderly loved one reassurance.

Is a GPS tracker alarm still an emergency alarm?

Your dementia GPS tracker will still have an alarm button for elderly relatives to press if they need to. The GPS feature does not replace the alarm, it is an extra feature. If your loved one is out and about and they get lost, they can simply press the SOS pendant and talk to someone who will find out where they are and send help.

Will it still have Automatic Fall Detection?

Personal alarms with GPS trackers are some of the best personal alarms for elderly people because automatic fall detection can still be used when they are outside of the home.

Our dementia GPS tracker alarms double up an elderly fall alarm or panic alarm. If the fall detector senses a sudden change in movement and air pressure, it will send an alert. This means that if the wearer has a fall that triggers their fall alarm and we cannot communicate with them, we know the situation is urgent and can quickly arrange help, talking to them using the pendant.

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SureSafeGO Pendant + Family Monitoring

How do I buy a dementia GPS tracker alarm?

Take a look at our personal alarms for the elderly to see our full range of dementia GPS tracker alarms and choose one with the right features to suit you or your loved one's lifestyle.

The SureSafeGO is an example of an alarm with GPS. This works anywhere where there is a reliable mobile phone signal - that's 97% of the UK!

When buying this alarm you simply select Family Monitored or 24/7 Monitored. Family monitored lets you add a number of friends or family numbers, which the device will then call if there is an emergency.

24/7 Monitored will alert our trained Response Centre Operators at any time, day or night. Then, if it is an emergency situation, they will let loved one's know.

If you chose the Family Monitored personal alarm, there are no fixed monthly monitoring costs but you will need to buy PAYG Credit to be able to use it. It is easy to top-up your alarm credit and this is available in three, six and twelve-month bundles.

SureSafe personal alarm for elderly relatives is the best way to make sure that your loved one gets help as soon as they need it. If you're struggling to decide what type of alarm you need, take a look at our advice section.

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